Why Courage matters. 

Many of us young people have our had our imagination frozen by fear that is why many will be ready to spin lies for politicians so long us they get instant reward. 

I sometimes wonder what do you feel when you know in the heart of hearts you are not living the life that you should ? I have heard stories of people who have put on a brave face while they rolled towards destruction. The tragedy is they know they are not doing what is right but they can’t help but repeat the circus again and again. 

The cause of this unprecedented event in so many people’s lives is due to lack of courage. Courage is a critical lucky factor in creating a better future says  Brian Tracey. 

For us to experience real growth in our personal life, we need to  have the courage to know and do what is important to us. Let us not surrender our imagination to those forces that try to block us from exploring the best our minds can imagine and develop. 

 21st  century requires us to open ourselves to focus on developing our unique voice and skills in order to serve others. We should strive to serve as many people as we  possibly can as free people  if we desire to create enough wealth. 

However, we should know that personal development in an information era demands we develop our guts to defy negative criticism. Negative criticism pulls people down, it demoralize many to appoint they abandoning the quest for achieving Greatness. 

It is time we muster courage to ensure we build a better life. 


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