Let us get Out of the box and practice real servanthood  . 

We are caged in a vulnerable  box if we are always thinking of how we can get rich quickly. When I think of life, I wonder whether sometimes I am  too optimistic . Seriously,   I wonder whether I might be wrong when I restrain myself from imagining of instant wealth that has become a common phenomenon in my generation . But reading through stories and histories  of successful people, it is clear that they never instantly become wealth, but it was a meticulous journey taken in simple strides with a sense of brevity and caution. 

Through their stories I am convinced that life has something better for everyone who is ready to serve others . Over two thousand years ago it was said that whoever want to be great among you should be a servant of the people. I believe it. 

Unfortunately, the concept of servanthood has been misused to  give credence to obtainance  of power to rule and exploit others. 

It is time we get out of the box and start practicing what is real servanthood.serving others through our profession.  Indeed We need to think of service as first step  towards creation of wealth and eradication of poverty. 


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