Relationship and Business development  demystified 

When you go for medical check up, how many of us have ever ask your doctor which University or college they attended? While seeking legal counsel how many bother asking what the counsels scored on litigation while in college? I guess many of you just like me don’t ask. 

If you don’t ask those questions just like me, you must have another criteria that you use to select your doctor or lawyer.  

A case in point, A few months ago I needed a lawyer to represent my brother, do you know how I got one? Through a referral. 

How easy is it for your friend to refer you to a person who needs help? What is the level of influence do you have a mong your network? 

Believe me,  I can only refer you to a person I have a relationship with. A person I have confidence in. This would be a person I must  have known and worked with. For ones network is equivalent to their wealth. I don’t want to mess up with my wealth if I know who ever requesting for help is a joke. Or else while referring you I would put a disclaimer of caution to my network. 

Then the other question will be where do we start from in building quality relationships? Through being genuinely concern about serving other people through your talents gifts and abilities. 

Our enthusiasm to serve others create that magical chemistry that will help us connect with other so naturally.

Like Rabii Daniel Lapin author of thou shall prosper writes, “our profession is whatever we do to serve others.  He continues to say that our income is directly related to the impact we are causing in other people’s lives. 

To that end it is then clear that we should do more in trying to serve others through our talents gifts and abilities. 


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