Kenya requires Urgent social transformation

Five decades after independence majority of Kenyans are still languishing in a furnace of hunger  poverty, diseases. Disturbing pictures of emaciated  people and animals  doing rounds on the media is a clear depiction of social evils that founders of this nation were not ready to address effectively. From the books of history , i can say without a shadow of doubt that their dreams were good,but as Myles Munroe said “a dream without a plan remains just a dream.” it is evident the founders  were consumed by the sweetness and glamorous beauty of the dream but forgot to put in place measures of achieving those dreams.

Due to their failures, we are now dueling in an era of  a generation obsessed with get rich quickly; a hustler mentality with no plan of how we can achieve better living standards . Instead, we have developed a burning desire that cause us to run to betting halls to try our luck of becoming millionaires . Betting has become a lucrative business venture for a few but a deep salty lake draining  the little disposable income from the poor young people. What a tragedy.

Nowadays, when i pass through the city of Nairobi, whenever i bypass a betting hall, suddenly my heart is filled with anger and sorrow for i know young people are slowly wasting their lives. Their mind is set on the cheap and easy way of winning.eventually i know for sure human capital productivity will drastically fade away.

Is there away out of this quagmire? yes i think there is. we need a serious and urgent social transformation.

Being a youth who has been engaging in business in this country, i can imagine why so many are thronging to betting halls. in this spacious halls fitted with betting  electronic gadgets, you see how you get your money. if the team you had put a bet 0on wins , thanks to the M-pesa magic you get your money instantly.while in business i will have to wait for six months before i get payment from supplying goods to a ministry department. in such kind of business there are no instant returns. that is why betting is taking the field.

Then what kind of social transformation i am i looking at? for Kenya to benefit from the youth bulge we need to check our business structures. we need to have structures that will encourage investment. inclusive structures ingrained in meritocracy. we need to have structures that reward those who are ready to work.

For us to realize this social transformation, one thing must be  evidently clear; the crooked system will never willfully give away  their unfit and cruel structures which have been nurtures and developed over time. they will try to hold fast to them because they benefit.With this truth, we should take heed from the words of Martin Luther King Jr ” We know through painful experience that freedom is never given voluntarily by the oppressor , it must be demanded by the oppressed.” We must develop a unique voice that can stand and demand for social accountability.

However we must be conscious not to start a fight we cant win. Just like David  in the Bible became an expert slinger before he went to fight Goliath, we should prepare our capacity to take serious roles and responsibilities in the fight against social injustices meted on the poor and the voiceless.

A better strategy of establishing a social transformation is  to first exercise our obligation of electing good  leaders through the ballot.  Again we aught to take a clue from what Martin Luther king Jr said over 50 years ago ” No revolution has ever succeed in overthrowing the government by violence unless the government had already lost the allegiance and effective control of its armed forces.” therefore anybody who in their cleaver imaginative dreams thinks of overthrowing o government of the day through violent is a cruel joke.

Instead ,as young people  we need to cause a social awakening in the hearts and minds of our people. We need to stand point out anomalies in the structures of our governance systems as we offer alternative ways of doing things. This will not come in a day, but through meticulous planning and learning.I am optimistic we can easily cause a ripple of change throughout our country without causing mayhem.






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