Face to face with heartbreak From Discrimination in my village . 

My heart is heavy as I travel back from the the village to the city. On my tour in the village I came face to face with the disillusionment and heartbreaking of my people occasioned by a feeling of rejection from local leaders. 
It was a sad experience. I grew up in this  village, I know how I used to feel when one look at and you realize they would  judge  you from your looks. They would  give you a humiliating glance. That time I could easily read their contempt on me as it clearly displayed on their faces. But I had no one I could turn to instead  I held that bitterness in me for a long time. 

I am writing on behalf of a village that has been despised. I am surprised that even now some few  people think that the pervasive old dogmas they have always held would stop growing conscious among the children of the people they looked down upon.

I hate to hear that some people who think they are village elites can contemptuously speak of herding my fellow  community members  and auction them. They think they can easily buy  these  people they have always thought to be misfit in our society. 

I have always stated my respect for all despite their social standing. And I would forever stand with the weak and voiceless. 

When I therefore discover that discrimination is still  live in a place I thought it should have dispated,  I feel extremely embarrassed. 

Way forward. 

Speaking to my fellow community members, it was clear  that they want not to be part of  power brokers and agents who have for along period exploited their innocence . With a sense of dignity they told me to pass that message  to all leaders seeking elective positions. 

Despite my heavy heart, I am optimistic that all would be right. I will continue to speak against social Injustice in all levels and would for sure pass the message . 

We shall be free. 


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