Remnant Resilient souls  driving social transformation in Africa . 

In a world consumed by a burning desire for conspicuous consumerism,  you will think there are no souls thinking of social transformation. To the contrary  silent majority are.  

While reading through silas Nyanchwani’s article penned in the Nairobian last week , I was impressed by his tone and the issues he tackled .  Silas was my senior while at the University of Nairobi. He led Nairobi University Arts Student Association ( NUARSA)  which I also headed in two years after he graduated  . 

In his article he speaks of bright young people whose dreams were/are shuttered courtesy of insensitive leaders, guardians and parents who were/are supposed to nurture and carefully the  young lives. He also bemoans the death of consciousness of our contemporary. At least, I am grateful that I had parents, well wishers who contributed to my upbringing when I lost my father at the age of thirteen . 

Just like me, he is perturbed by the fact that some from our generation  have followed the footsteps of those who have blundered and continue shamelessly eating resources of our nation.( By the way, while majority  of our generation in middle class  think we are not affected the dwindling fortunes of our country, the reality of rising inflation will soon catch up with us.) Mr Nyanchwani also speaks of how those who got opportunity to get into government have amassed considerable wealth through unscrupulous means. Interesting to me,  however,  is the fact that he is not bemused by those who have joined the bandwagon, freezing our beautiful country. 

And given that he acknowledges the beauty and satisfaction of doing genuine business to acquire wealth ;I applaud him. This is  a good sign that all is not lost;  we still have remnants ready to protect both our generation and progeny . 

It is therefore our responsibility as writers to amplify such good deeds. It is important that we all appreciate those who see beyond themselves. Indeed,  it is time we seriously thought about degradation of our societal values and think of how we can reclaim them. 


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