Face to Face with Nasty Business rivalry.  

It is evening hours and I am doing my daily walk around Nairobi CBD to supervise my business.  In these  business I  have engaged young people from different tribes in Kenya. Even though some come from different tribes, they  work from the same location.  

I always expect that these individuals work together without quearal. To my surprise, while having a chat with some of them today ,  a client  came in, one gentleman start talking to the customer of course to try and know what assistance they needed.  Momentarily, another guy – both of them work with my company –  jump and get hold of the client luggage. 

There and then a bitter Fight ensued before me and the customer . Immediately I intervened, one of them served the customer. 
After the customer left,   I tried to find out the root- cause  of the problem. To my wonderment I learnt it is the bitter hatred that we have cherished between our own tribes . One tribe thinks they are superior than the other hence are entitled to more business than the other.  I never knew how deep this tribal division were until today when I came face to face with this shocking incident . 

As I am writing I am on my way home.  Traffic jam is crazy in Nairobi Road but my mind is wandering as I wonder  whether the nasty  business rivaly  will lead our country to prosperity or condemn us to eternal poverty and chaos. 

Methinks,  this is not healthy for growth and development of our country although  I would want to hear of what you think . As a citizen and an Advocate of social justice, I think it is time we called for a public discourse on the merits and dimmerits of the dogmas we hold close to our hearts . Would  they be  our undoing as we seek to restore dignity of our people? 

To the media houses,  and social media influencers; it is time we decided to set a better agenda for the society. It is time we debunked the myths of prosperity through paying allegiance to our “my community first syndrome”   this mentality will destroy our society and progeny. 

Therefore, friends let us seek to make peace with one another in our daily endeavour . Let us seek to use our skills talents and gifts  to serve as many people as we possibly can.  And this will finally thrust us into vast sea of abundance. 


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