How Successful  businesses  enhance social justice and Human Dignity 

Social justice has evolved over time. The concept of Social justice has changed from what it was perceived to be: free  government services to all citizens. This concept is now believed to be a phenomenon where all people are given opportunity to develop their skills, talents and gifts with ultimate goal of putting them  into productive use in order to earn a living.

In the declaration of independence of the United States of America, President Thomas Jefferson wrote “… all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among them life,  liberty and pursuit of happiness.” I too hold this statement to be  true.  And for sure I  think this declaration should forms the basis of what  Social justice should be in the 21st century. 

Everyone should be  free to  pursue happiness by  libertrating themselves  from bondage of poverty.  To me, entrepreneuers are the people who chance has obligated  to execute this enormous responsibility of enhancing social Justice . 

Imagine how many people your company has employed,  stretch your mind and imagine further the chain of those who benefit from your employees. I guess you have never thought thus far. They chain of those who benefit should be humongous,  right? And that is how useful your business is in advancing enhancement of human Dignity. 

I used to think it is only  those who are doing charity that were propagating the course of social justice  . I thought they were the only people who served poor people better than business owners until I read  Rabii Daniel Lapin ‘s Book “Business Secrets from the Bible “.   After reflecting and internalizing his argument, I am persuaded that successful businesses are also  playing a key role- maybe more critical than NGOs – in enhancing lives. 

Private business serve people. They are trying to meet needs of Humanity and in return people-customers –  reward these businesses with money. On the other hand, these companies share there profits with their employees in form of salaries and wages. Surely, money earned this way no matter how much is good wealth.  No body should consider this kind of wealth as evil. Hope you will agree with Rabii Lapin  argument   that the amount of wealth one has is directly related to how many people a business serves. 

 So long as business men and women hold the truth that all are equal and treat them so, then every person should have a place in society to serve. For after serving one should be rewarded. 

It is this wealth that help one to pay  afford health services. It is this wealth that will help one to take their children to school, it is this wealth that will help a society to develop required infrastructure that help make life comfortable. 

However ,It is good I indicate  that every individual must understand   “you can’t reap  where you didn’t sow” . Therefore,   all of us  should strive to develop our skills, talents and gifts in order to be of value to the society . We should not expect to be compasated well whereas we are not offering satisfactory services to others.

The same concept of social justice demand of us to reciprocate in same measure. Doing what is expected of us

With mutual respect between business and business, business and individuals and individuals amongst individuals , especially in our African countries, we can achieve this new phenomenal faster of social justice. 

I think this is possible. 


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