Closing of businesses a premonition of shrinking Human Dignity in Africa  . 

Human beings,  especially men derive their dignity from their work, once you take that away from them,  you slowly kill them. Our ability to provide for our families  is what makes us live each day. 

Once businesses close,  they take down with them livelihood of those who were engaged. In my country  Kenya, I have seen news of two parstrolist who have committed suicide  because their Livestock died following the intense drought in the area.

 Remember this is their profession,they depend on the animals for sustainancy. Once this was taken away from them by the drought, they lost hope hence taking their live. 

 This is a calamity that could have been avoided if systems and structures were put in place to Cashion these  parstrolist. Sadly,  our leaders with  myopic vision concentrated on wrong priorities, they focused on looting through their accomplices –  tenderpreneuers- draining whatever resources that would have been used to put in place structures that would have helped suffering citizens. A case in point is 5 Billion that was set a side last year to mitigate Elnino rains in Kenya . I am struggling to find what the money did, otherwise I know it must be warming an individual’ s account now while others are dying . Indeed Solomon was right when he wrote in the book of Proverbs ” in absence of vision people perish.”  

The incident today in the northern parts of Kenya is a wake up call for all of us . We should be deliberate in ensuring that those who have been laid off from their work are counseled, encouraged  and advised to find something meaningful to do. otherwise, we would be sinking into the deeper crisis. 

The government should wake up and take their obligations seriously. They should be willing to do what they must do; to stop haemorrhage from public coffers by their friends and relatives. 

We, as citizens should also take our responsibility keenly. We should develop our unique voice to speak out against ills committed by those in power and  to keep those charged with leadership of our country socially accountable of what they do. 

Finally,  our very nature as human demand of us to help others discover their talents gifts and abilities. This way,  we would  help them to be useful in society. 


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