What Trading has to do with Social Justice and Africa Dignity. 

I have just completed Rabii Daniel Lapin’s book” Business secrets from the Bible”  and I want you to allow me share why I think Trading is critical in restoration of dignity and social justice . 

Have you ever thought why people who do business don’t fight? I was amazed when I learnt this truth.  I took  sometime to ponder over it and I  realized there is reasonable meaning why  those who trade with one another lead a peaceful life. 

Take some minutes and imagine what will happen  if there was no shopkeeper or supermarket where you can buy your food? Life will be miserable,  right?  I guess so. So that is the reason why whoever has set a shop in your village or estate is respected. 

This case illustrate to us the importance of business in living together harmoniously in society . According to Rabii Lapin, this is why we should all try to exploit our talents and abilities to run a business. 

Maybe you are wondering, Do our leaders understand this truth ? Yes they do. But why then do they abdicate their responsibilities of creating systems that will enable citizens develop and engage in  business?

 After interacting  with people in senior positions in politics and Government , I can authoritatively say it is because they know if they did that no one will follow them for handouts. As a result  this will diminish their influence in the community. 

 For instance take  a situation like what we are facing in my country Kenya today. People are dying of hunger, doctors are on strike demanding their dues  while politicians are flying all over the country rallying citizens  to register as voters to vote for them in the coming general election. This makes me sad and sick. I consider this the highest level of impunity and insensitivity. 

But look, politicians know that  if they ensure that all of us go into business to earn our money; it will be easy for us to demand social accountability from them. They know we will ask of then to  strive  putting  inclusive structures that will create a good business environment. 

According to Rabii Lapin, it is our obligation to  strive to develop our  professions. Specialize  in any area of their  gifting. This  way we  could easily go into business then start trading with others thereby  offering services or goods will make us dependable and useful  people  in society. 

If similar  trend spreads throughout Africa,  believe me we would be the most successful continent in the world . 

However,  I am alive to the impediments to realization of this dream-politicians who want to propagate creation of hegemony. We should stand and reject them . Let us learn on how to come together to build communities  that will tackle our problems 

If we do this and concentrate our efforts to developing business through our gifting and talents, we would not see our neighbours as enemies but our companions who would make our lives comfortable. We would see them as agents who would help us create our wealth. 


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