Kenyans :Why Try managing social Injustice in silence! 

We are staring at continuous  crisis as a nation. From Health to  drought to blatant theft of National resources  and many other ills you can dare  imagine;but yet,  we  are  trying to manage all these in silence 

Doctors are on strike, patients are suffering but the government has chosen campaigns for voter registration at the expense of dying citizens both from hunger and diseases. 

I wonder whether those charged with the responsibility of protecting the lives of the people have conscious. If they have, I guess it died long ago. What we have are human bodies without heartland yet we claim these are our leaders. 

How do you explain a situation where the head of state go launching medical equipment in a hospital whose doctors are on the streets? How do you explain a Cabinet Secretary flying In a chopper to supply food aid that will not feed 100people for two days? Isn’t it ironical and displeasing? 

This is the reason I believe we owe our generation a duty; a duty to organize ourselves to defend dignity of life. We need to be courageous enough to resist those who propagate falsehood and dependence syndrome. We need to start forming groups that will help us discover our talents gifts and abilities. This is the only mean through which we can emancipated ourselves from life tragedies. 

We have an obligation to build ourselves a wall against impunity. We need to stand with those oppressed like our highly qualified doctors. It is our responsibility to join our doctors demand for honest commitments from the government 

It is only when we would realize that social justice calls for collaboration that we would get the government to be fair in distribution of resources among her people. 

Otherwise divide and rule is a tactic that any government would readly employ to avoid being held accountable. Let us be watchful. 


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