Ability to organize: A basic tenet of Social Justice. 

According to paper presented by Micheal Novak and  published by Heritage Lectures  in December 2009 ; Freedom to assemble is one of the ancient  most important human right. It is the basis on which social justice was founded. 

When people come together with common purpose , they can build a tower that no force can bring down. This tower can go as high as their imagination  can stretch. As Jim Rohn says,  it can help a community to build a wall for themselves that no one can cross. It is this wall that will ensure that everybody is respected for they equally can contribute to development of society through their peculiar abilities talents and gifts. 

Without respect then we find discrimination which is the epitome of social Injustice. When some think they are better than others, when others think they have more rights to squander and embezzlement resources meant for community development. 

These heinous acts are committed because in most cases we have decided to keep silent and blinded our eyes on the social evils . When they steal, they share their loot with churches as generous donations, we celebrate they,  we cheer them, they finally  get elated, they feel good. Our actions  embolden them to nurture the crooked habit. 

It is therefore important for us to realize what power we possess. The power to organize ourselves and refuse  to be yoked with those who care not for personal and community  development. We need to stand and reject projects that are Avenues of stealing from us. Let us rise up and seize the opportunity to utilize the power that has been bestowed on us to develop our unique voice of reason together. This is the voice that will help us to build  a better Africa. 


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