Why 2017 is critical

After days of reflecting on my achievements and failures in  2016, it is now time to start 2017. This is year is critical given that it will mark a transition in my work life come August 8. I am grateful that i have had  chance and time to work in a public office for over four years.

When i started working in 2013 , I made a commitment to serve people without discrimination. for I knew what discrimination does, it shuts hopes and dreams of the people , it causes pain and rejection, and i never wanted to be part to it.

I have done my best, I would not regret of what i have done but will continue doing what is best for others.

However, my time in a public office has not been easy, I have faced myriad of challenges some  i thought will kill me; however ,they didn’t kill but made me stronger.

For the four years , there was many times i almost gave up, but kept soldiering on . This was definitely because of the Grace of God. I listened to great speakers,and  read a number of good books. In fact for  the first time in my life  I invested a lot of money in books.

In the course of the four years, traffic jam in Nairobi roads may have wasted productive  time for the office , but i spent that time in traffic to read through volumes of books. And in the books i found solace , every time i read through a good book i felt moving closer to achieving my goals.

Through reading , my ability to write has tremendously improved. Whenever i am behind the keyboard, i feel thrilled because i know in a few minutes i will share my mind to the world. writing  has not been easy too, and i know it is not going to be easy but as Malcom Gladwell says in his book Outlier; if one can spend 10000 hours practicing they will drastically improve their ability to perform whatever they desire. This is why my 2017 is critical. I have to spend as much time as i can to perfect my communication and writing skills, i will need more time to advance my course for social justice in Africa through writing, speaking and teaching  .

Friends, in this era of social economy, we need all of us, we need partners in every course. i know with your help we can all create a society where everyone has an equal opportunity  to succeed.










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