In Absence of Patience! 

It is said that any shortcut is the longest distance to success. This has proved to be true this last week.

I was in the process of connecting my new home with electricity but since Kenya power takes a bit long before connecting   I was tempted to find  those people who have connected others within a shorter period of course you know they must be doing it without consulting KPLC .Once i got the guy, we discussed and agreed on the time and day that work was to be done, I sent the gentleman 11 thousand as a down payment, after that he has  gone silent  he doesn’t take my calls. He doesn’t even take the calls of the person who referred him to me.

What is my remedy? Looking for police to track the guy. In the process I will spend more money, It will take even longer to get electricity.

All these , is as a result of the urge of getting things done quickly. Like Myles Munroe says” in life there are no lifts to success, everyone has to use the stairs for  if you jump one step you will surely fall”. This statement hit me hard, I think I need to learn to be patient.

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