Selling trust of citizens is the pinnacle of social Injustice . 

A leader is always bestowed with responsibility by followers to transact all business on behalf of them with honesty. It is a desire of everyone that their leaders get concerned especially when faced with serious problems.  

It is now over three weeks in Kenya since the doctors downed their tools demanding for the implementation of a collective bargaining agreement they signed with the government over three years ago. What is shocking  is the silence from top leadership in government. In fact their demonstrations on the streets of the city of Nairobi are drawned by the loudy usual rhetoric of launching development projects . At some instances  I have wondered seeing  the President of the country commission hospital equipments while doctors  are away. What a sad joke! 

If there is betrayal then as Kenyans we have been betrayed. It is a cruel joke to see politicians laughing  with each other after going physical at each other in what once upon a time was a honorable house. 

Most of these  people we call our representatives are not worthy that name. Instead we should rightly  call them selfish creatures ready to devour us whenever and wherever the get a slight opportunity. 

They have squandered our resources with unprecedented zeal. They now swim in the ocean of wealth. They brag on the way with conspicuous consumption. They drive tinted fuel gusslers. Most of them extremely arrogant, and I can say with certainty they have no qualities of being leaders. 

We have to reason with ourselves, introinspect our conscious, only when we do this then we can salvage our future from the cannibalistic creatures baying for our blood and that of our children. 


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