Saving Africa from Generational thieves

We are living in precarious time when youths in Africa  need leaders who can define freedom and success differently; for i think what we have been exposed to is not leadership but selfish lifestyle. We are living in a time when those who profess and lead conspicuous consumerism are celebrated. No wonder different economist are predicting dwindling of Africa Economic fortune in the near future if we don’t change tact.

I believe the changes we need are well expressed by the late  Myles Munroe in his video “The best Kept Secret”. In the video he says that for us to be productive,  we need to be knowledgeable. the knowledge he says should be truthful. The truth he says can only be obtained from the Manufactures manual-( Your Creator). We need to be lovers of information  for there rest our best bet to freeing ourselves from the oppressor. Hope by now we all understand that the worst oppressor of man is ignorance.

It is true that no great leader was born but made through a tenacious process of personal development . From Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King Jr, all were avid seekers of information and understanding. therefore the Hustler mentality of get rich quickly without sweat is extremely dangerous. that is why conspicuous consumerism  dangerous.

However, Africa politics is deeply ingrained in deceitfulness. and if we take the words of our politicians to be true without pinch  of salt and try to seek different opinion , then we will be  doomed to eternal agony of poverty, hunger and diseases. I write this with a heavy heart knowing well that there is little that can be achieved by selfish people who are only interested in gratifying their culinary interest.

This is the reason  why i believe  it is time we pick our creative imagination  from the sea of deception, where our minds have been washed with opaque truth about our potential; it is time we venture into a world of possibility where everyone is encouraged to utilize their ability gifts and talents. In the new  world order i am sure,we  will not be ruled by slippery politicians but servant leaders who heed to the call of God to restore social Justice and uphold human dignity in Africa.

I can feel that wind of positive change slowly and smoothly blowing ; and i know this truth because numerous times i have interacted with individuals who still value human dignity and see sense in hard work. They hold in high regard potential of others and always are seeking to help  others discover their purpose . In fact.they treat other people with utmost respect.

Friends, when one treats others as if they are less human, it should sends a signal of a selfish and cruel individual  dangerous to promotion of Human dignity. I have interacted with such a people maybe on a daily basis. This has build in me a sense of alertness, i know i am in class to learn all the lessons that when i finally graduate i will be  in a position to stand firm to  fight for those who will need my help. For indeed that that never kills you make you strong. I am stronger now, i have cushions that when somebody calls me an imbecile and stupid, i don’t take their words to be true of me, not even when they pay you. instead i  am constantly seeking to nurture and develop my skills to better serve humanity.

It is therefore my desire that we all take every opportunity to learn from every situation in our lives. Let our experience today be a stepping stone to building a better future for our children. Let us strive not to be generational thieves by crossing over to the other world without fully exploiting our potential..





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