Keep track of life to experience Africa Rising phenomenon 

For  success  to be realized in Africa, there needs to be  a conscious decision to focus on what really matters  when the sea of insignificance tries to pull us away. In the world  of great uncertainty, our ability to help others develop critical imagination would be the only sure way to promote positive  transformation.

Therefore, the  goal of every leader should  be to help his/her people to develop a growth mindset. As Carol Dweck writes  in her book Mindset, “growth mindset enables people to learn from difficult times”. 

I have come to believe that who become is as direct result of our daily actions. After reading through Dweck s book I am sure if we nurtured our mindset to one that encourages one to take initiatives to better their lives we could be better tomorrow. 

To my surprise, I have seen political leaders, Church leaders and community leaders commit what I feel is a recipe for more chaos and social disorder in our societies. What would you call charismatic preachers whose summons every time revolve around instant  prosperity? What do you think of politicians with hustlers get rich quickly without a trail of how they have acquired their wealth?  All this bleed a fixed mindset which is extremely detrimental. 

For us to survive the coming tragedy, we have to deliberatly decide to nurture proper value system. We need to put effort in demystifying consistency and  hardworking. It is true that nothing comes without putting our mind unto it. A contrary view of the above mentioned narrative is a road that leads to destruction. Which unfortunately is the trending view. 

Therefore, what role can we play as young people to accelerate development of a new Africa dream? I am of the opinion that if we revert to original state as human beings, a state where we value all people and respect other people’s gifts talent and abilities ;we can easily ignite our critical thinking. 

Critical and creative thinking has been destroyed either through what we listen to, or what we watch. To me then if we anticipate to help people reach the pinnacle of their creative imagination we should cultivate a culture of reading and watching good materials. 

For us to dispel the fixed mindset mentality, we should encourage extensive interaction. If we do this I trust  we could expand our thinking capacity to see greater opportunities In Africa. 

Friends, Let us keep track of our lives. We can create a better tomorrow for all of us. There is enough for everyone but there is not enough for a few greedy individuals to loot and plunder. 


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