Instant Wealth Syndrome-Catastrophe perpetuated by majority of Africa leaders

Humility and respect for divergent  opinion  is a rare commodity in most of our  leaders in Africa. No wonder we are experiencing unimaginable difficulties in solving social problems. For instance ,it is unfathomable when you see qualified professional defend outright theft of public resources. In deed , it is beyond imagination when you see mature men and women defend leaders who have committed abominable acts like stealing from poor women and children. All these, of late , i have learnt is because their mind is set on what they will finally get- kickbacks . from the culprits.

When our mind is fixed on the end benefit  and not the consequences of our actions and deeds to others ; we loss the meaning humanness in us then become animals who only posses instinct and not reason. our ability to reason is what differentiates us from animals . we have the ability to make decision which our leaders have out-rightly absconded

By forgetting our very nature of being human, most of 0ur leaders have become more dangerous than fierce animals in the jungle. They have resolved to drain public coffers for their own benefit . They have become murderers. When people die of hunger because you diverted resources meant to buy relief food and drugs  for them , surely what are you?

The fact that most leaders, instead of speaking out on the looting of public resources have remained silent ; waiting to  be elected instead of the incumbent.  What can you be reffed to? would you not be labelled an a accomplice of the devourer? Even more dangerous? I believe like Martin Luther king Jr said “we should be more concern not of our enemies but our friends who remain silent when atrocities are meted on innocent people”

It is time as conscious change-makers ,we see the precarious clouds of social injustice that hung on the horizon, the darkness a head that will be engulf the  future of our children. It is time we start not to look at the prestige that has come to be associated with looted resources but the essence of our positive contribution towards building a socially just Africa.

I can confidently state that there are many people who are making honest money in Nairobi, Kenya and Africa in general. Through constant improvement of their skills and ventures, these are people who have build capacity to help more people and hence get paid because of their valuable work.

From my considerable knowledge in business, i wonder how people  can continuously  think that they are going to win a lottery. I think this is a misguided mentality, it should be emphasized that we only  reap where we have saw anything to the contrary is a big hoax.

The jackpot syndrome in Kenya  is destroying majority of youths, it is causing hopelessness that will eventually give birth to untenable crisis. First , critical thinking would drastically diminish in future.Secondly , creativity will be a thing of the past and this will mean a future without quality leaders. This is a foreseeable catastrophe.

Kenyans ,we need to wake up from our slumber and find ways of cultivating the growing mindset. We need to encourage youths to shun the feeling of seeking  instant gratification. And it should be made clear that perseverance and strategic delaying of our desires will built in us the ability to achieve great projects.




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