It is time we mourn death of Consciousness in Kenya government

It is common practice in African tradition to mourn when we lose a loved one. Today i want to call on all Kenyans to set a side sometime to mourn the death of consciousness in most of the leaders in government. The major dailies today 27th October 2016 highlighted what seems to be the most despicable scandal ever in the Ministry of Health in Kenya . What makes it worse is the fact that some senior leaders from the ministry were keen to prevent its revelation to the public.

How for God’s mercy, can you divert money meant for maternal health to your use? What kind of a person would you be to make double payment for goods or services provided? surely, How do you feel when you have pocketed the loot while women and children are dying because hospitals lack drugs that were to be bought with what you have stolen? Doesn’t this depict a rotten society? Doesn’t this warrant us to mourn?

I think mourning is good for us as Kenyans as far as this corruption menace that as engulfed our beautiful country is concern. For after mourning then we will be forced to bury those whose consciousness has died.

As Myles Munroe says, A man whose conscious has died is not good for any society. Such individual should be incarcerated; for he/ she will poison the whole community with venom of corrupt character.

We can symbolically bury these people who pretend to be leaders but in reality are cannibalistic wolfs, murders and blood suckers who will not spare a minute to let you enjoy the freedom to life. Let us not elect this people into offices . Let us reject there glittering evil gained wealth, that they use to endear themselves to us. let us stand and call for their arrest and imprisonment

I want to see church leaders who will refuse to take millions of shillings from leaders as Donation while the Ministry of Health is deprived of Billions of shillings . I want to see community leaders who will resist to be enjoined in protecting corrupt leaders who run to their villages when they have been caught squandering public resources.

Seriously speaking, now than ever I want to encourage the Kenya First Lady To stop running to fundraise money for free maternity instead help her husband to run the country and tame corrupt leaders in their government who are stealing Billions meant for free maternity in the ministry of health.

It is shameful that when she hold campaign she raises millions but in the government that her husband runs , especially in the Ministry of Health Billions of shillings are stolen. doesn’t this sound ironical? We need seriousness in Kenya now. We will collapsing under our own watch if not careful.

However, I want not to be part of a generation that oversaw the murder of young innocent unborn and born children because someone in the government of Kenya embezzled the money meant to help them. I want not to be part of those who kept quiet and said it was not my responsibility for that will make me their accomplice.

That is why today I  am calling on President Kenyatta to call for a national mourning day to bury those who have managed to kill their conscious that they no longer think depriving the Ministry of health billions of shillings does not amount to murder; to bury those stealing money meant for special youth programs and projects . They should be relieved of their duties and sent to prison to enable transform their conscious.

I know on Mashujaa day the President of the Republic Kenya pardoned and  released petty offenders from our prisons, now it is time to take those who have committed capital offenses like what has happened in the Ministry of Health there. I would wish to see those using the government to cover up their evils like what the Principal Secretary in the  Ministry of Health did to the journalist who was following up on the heist punished.That was unethical and arrogant

The fact that you are in government does not warrant anybody to be involved in embezzlement of funds. I wish all of us can learn this valuable lesson.




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