Self-Control key to realizing social Justice 

It is natural for one to feel angry, but the action you take  when you are in this state could either destroy you or make you. Luckily, as human beings we have a chance to make a choice and this is why we are different from all other creatures. 

Our ability to make decisions as humans  however is greatly compromised when we react according to our moods because this is associated with other animals .Sometimes animalistic nature of some people in offices,  is the reason you get employees in an office so scared of their bosses, this events tend to hamper productivity. This is unacceptable, and should be avoided 

 My mind is clear, from  the books have read and the many successful people I have listened to,  they  all believe that everyone has the ability to be great but they have to be treated with respect and dignity .  

One thing I have come to learn  just like Rabii Daniel Lapin say, if you are always overwhelmed by emotions, it will be difficult for one  to create lasting relationships. Hence your influence will be so minimal . And without influence,  working toward restoring social justice is exercise in futility. 

We need to work tirelessly to build our self-control, for if we do this  then we will manage to inspire people to be respectful and mindful of others. And this  I believe is a recipe for social justice 


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