Funny, Loud and Obscene Music in our Public Transport Destroying our Future.

Yesterday night i had an interesting conversation in a Matatu (Bus) with an engineering student while on our way home. We were in a quiet and serene  Matatu, what has become a very rare occurrence on our roads. Usually you will expect funny, loud and obscene music (Noise). This portend a bleak future for Africa

Noise distract our train of thought especially in the morning when our minds are highly productive . Obscene and pornographic nature of videos that are played in this matatus reduce our creativity. In fact, what they do is stretching  our imagination towards sex and immorality . I sometimes wonder what happens when you get to your work place and the only thing you have lingering in your  mind is the dirty music you have been exposed to for over an hour in a traffic jam.

From my discussion though, i was amazed to learn that most young people will not board a matatu without loud music. Interesting enough was the revelation that even if the fare charged was reduced significantly, if there was no music in the vehicle, it  will be on the stage without customers for a long time.This phenomenon has caused the owners to go an extra mile to beautify their vehicles with graffiti, and humongous music system to attract most youths.

I understand this makes economic sense to the owners of the Matatus , but does it make any sense in terms of bringing social transformation in our country?  Does it make any sense in terms of creating a better tomorrow where creativity and innovation is key component? I guess No!

How can we think of a better tomorrow when all we are thinking is what XN Iraki,  a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi call “conspicuous consumption”(spending more to show off)? How can we imagine of a prosperous country where majority of us think of  instant wealth? How are we going to avert the social justice crisis that will confront us tomorrow because we have accustomed our minds to violence? Violence that is constantly being propagated by unethical musicians who embrace obscenities in their art, and given wide coverage on our roads every time in most of our matatus.

Jim Rohn a great author and speaker said what enters our mind shape our vision for the future. Rabii Daniel Lapin says in his book Thou Shall Prosper that the number one killer of human creativity is watching pornography. What then does it portend for our future when our generation has embraced pornographic materials like naked dancers and artists sing dirty music?

I think your guess is right; a broken and chaotic society is what awaits us if we don’t take time to seek early transformation and renewal of our minds concerning what we watch and listen to.

It is time we start thinking of recommending stoppage of airing such dirty materials in our transport system. I  think time is ripe for us to reexamine our conviction on how to create a positive  and lasting social, political and economic development. For i believe  the current narrative of quick money and overnight success is unsustainable and is contagiously poisoning our work ethics.

In my constant study and search for successful people, i have not come across one who became instant millionaire. In fact some of my mentors tell me how they have laboriously worked to be where they are.I  envy them but this has instilled in me the mindset of time as a valuable asset that is given to all in equal share but make various changes depending on how one used theirs.

As an  individual seeking great social transformation in Africa, i think it is imperative for us to start a serious conversation on shaping our thinking on what we are listening to especially on our public transport system. we should reject the impositioning on us obscene and loud music in Matatus and  replacing it with success stories  happening throughout our nation , Africa and the world. This way we will avert a a social Tsunami that is slowly rolling in from the future







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