Do our minds get hungry? If so what do we feed on? 

It is given,  if you don’t eat food for long then you will finally die. A super perspective in Zig zigziglar’s book “see you at the top”. but his question is equally interesting, what happens to a mind that never feeds?  It surely dies. 

Of concern to me is the kind of food one eats, medically when one eats junk food  they finally  suffer from myriad diseases. 

What kind of food one feeds the Mind determines whether one is health or unhealthy. It is the same mantra as in computers, the input determines the output. 

Just imagining how some people have designed to feed us with obscenities and nudities. It is of much worry when every morning in our public transport, the loudy  songs and videos played are all meaningless and most times  dirty. 

I once asked whether the conductor understood what was being sang not to much surprise he retorted ” am doing this for you” really!  I wondered. 

Then it got me thinking, so this guys think that many people fancy listening to dirty music? They think we enjoy when they  dump into our minds garbage and valgur language employed by the so called artist. 

I guess many are always quiet,  that is why  it is now fashionable for bus owners to spend a fortune to decorate and pimp the vehicles to attract us. 

In essence what they are doing is making us mentally sick. They want to  spread the malady of social disintegration for them  to continue reaping big. 

However, there is Hope, some franchise like Kenya Bus Services are doing a good job. They are well managed. No such kind of screen, nor is there the dirty music. They give their passenger humble time to reflect and meditate while going to work and back. 

I have been sometimes deliberate. I use this company services for I get to read through good books.  I get to feed my mind with healthy and rich materials. The one hour everyday helps me cover several pages Of great writings of great men and women. 

But we need to question what we are being fed, let us be critical of this songs they play.  Let us discern their ill intention of making us slaves of what they feed us. 

For what we feed our mind today manifest itself in our society tomorrow. I know the trend is pervasive hence we need to reign on it now. Let us play our part in stopping this contagious phenomenon. 

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