Origin of Social Injustice in Africa

Life is a journey that leaves behind clues. The state of Africa, a book well written by Martin Meredith, documents the history of Africa and how cruelty was embraced as the tool of leadership and governance during the colonial period. In the book I have read of nasty and despicable things that the colonialist did to whoever they perceived dangerous to their rule and dominion; unfortunately this was passed to most of those who took power in post colonial period.

Human blood is expensive to shade. It hold, in it a curse; a curse  i believe is bitter than that of death.History of Cain being banished to wander throughout the desert because of killing his brother Abel comes out as the worst punishment that can ever be meted on a human being; and this  can befall any human who commit injustice to fellow men.Yet, people and leaders in Africa and some other parts of the world seem to relish killing innocent people.

I wonder what motivates them, I  wonder why we should not strive to coexist with others.

I wonder why pride consume people that they find accommodating others an expensive endevour, but within me is  a strong  conviction that all are created equal with a destiny determined by God. Whenever one want to demean and devalue me, i pity the perpetrator.

A time is coming for those who look at others with contempt will be put to shame. A time will come when your sense of self-importance will fail you terribly, it is better if you treated others with respect on your way and while you’re up for you will meet the same people on your way down while they are accelerating upwards.

There is no need for arrogance.

Change is always possible, just like the heat and wind of political change swept Africa continent, those African leaders who think they will rule forever should read the writings on the wall.

What caused tension during the colonial era is what will drive them out of their coveted seats. the issues are unresolved , and the will to solve them is of ripservice, no concrete effort is made toward solving them. I known when overcrowding, unemployment and lack of opportunities is encountered by the majority just like diring the colonial time in Africa, hopelessness and despondency becomes rive. And who can prevent an hungry person from doing the list expected?

Anyway what is the worst for a hungry and hopeless individual? I guess nothing!

Never be blinded by how much power you have accumulated, never pride in  the wealth that you have amassed. All that without respect for others will one day become the recipe for your free fall from grace to grass.





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