The Danger of outsourcing our eyes and ears


It is said “there is no one in the world who can tell your story better than yourself” . But why then do we let other people say what we should? Why do we let other people see for us what we should? I think this is a tragedy of the 21st century.

This I say with confidence, unless we wake and behold the reality of what great danger is a head of us, we will sink into the deep see of imperialism and poverty as Africa.

For along time we have taken for granted the powers we possess. Indeed since we were born, we were endowed with a right to dignified life, with a promise for success.

However, I guess we have forfeited that birthright like Essau did just for a one day soup.

Look at the heinous killing of poor and innocent people due to collapsed buildings in Kenya ; look at the death of poor people in hospitals because of insufficient drugs, where probably some powerful elite supplied wind instead of drugs , imagine of accidents resulting from bad roads that have been constructed; and if that is not enough think of flooding that is harassing city residents in their apartments because of improper city planning.

Doesn’t this seem like a crazy myth?  Doesn’t it portray the kind of life that we never dream of! Yes I think so.

But what have we done? Haven’t we maintained our silence and peace? Even when we see wrong haven’t we outsourced our eyes to our neighbors to see, haven’t we outsourced our ears to others hear? For Heaven’s sake, I think this is where we have had it terribly wrong

It is our responsibility to help in keeping those in leadership socially accountable. When then we keep quiet, closing our eyes and ears not to see nor hear; we betray our future generations.

When things are bad, let us call them by their name, let us not sugarcoat evil. Whatever that cause premature death should be condemned.

Therefore, it is my sincere plea, let us take charge of our affairs. Let us not succumb to the whims of manipulators whose sole desire is to create political hegemony.

By their words and actions we would discern their culinary interest. When we know this, let us be ready to resist their seduction and do what will be appreciated by those whose thanks we might not hear.

Finally friends, let us participate in every process that is geared towards making our society better. Be it casting our vote to speaking our mind let is commit to do it right . It is a tough task, but what is better in life than to know that you contributed to making other people’s lives better. I guess the only joy of life if to give what you won’t be rewarded for.


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