Africa: Retool or be fools.

We are facing what seem to be worst challenges ever. These challenges threaten attainment of social justice. From global warming to global terrorism to genocide, creative solutions have to be developed to avert drowning. The creative solutions are not to be given by governments alone but also by you. From time immemorial, in large part, governments seem to be overwhelmed, therefore it is imperative for you and me to take this opportunity offered by these challenges to retool or we will be fools when we see our world crumbling down sinking into the ocean of chaos

Think of corruption and great deceptive skills that politicians have honed for long. Think of how dishonest they have become. It is difficult now to believe that the word of a politician will be true.

To some extent, I will not blame them; I have been in a political office, I have seen what pressure men and women go through. Clearly, I have seen how political offices have been lifted to a level of a deity.

It is disheartening. Think of every request you get, from one  to settle personal bills to hospital bills to some others that sound ridiculous unmentionable requirements; all paint a picture of rooted dependency syndrome.

The masses have been brainwashed. They have been made to believe that politicians will sort all their needs, to me this is embarrassing. How on earth can one person serve and fulfill the needs of over 160,000 people? If anybody promises you that he/she will take care of your community by giving financial aid to everyone, then that person is a liar and he/she is keen to create hegemony.

We need to start debunking this myth of all important people who will help solve all our problems and instead seek to have leaders have better institutions established to offer proper environment for personal development. Yes! If we need to curb disintegration of our communities; we need to ask for environment that opens opportunity for all to succeed.

We need to resist proponents of dependency syndrome; we need to urgently transform our mind and imagination. We have to open our eyes and ears to discern what is and that has been faulty within our governance system.

We have to preach the gospel of personal development and vast possibility and opportunities that the world hold for us. To do this we need to be aware of the availability of enough for us all but not only for the selfish elites and we have to be our brother/sisters keeper.

We need to shield our neighbours from cruel craws of reckless leaders whose rhetoric is dangerous venom which if not guarded will wreak havoc in our society. It is your responsibility to speak out against all ills that are meted on the poor and voiceless in the community. For in deed if we keep quiet then we become sweet accomplices of the oppressors. I hope you want not to be in the wrong side of history, just like I would hate to be that part of the devourers of world peace.

Finally, we have to acknowledge the power that exists within us. Let us take part in voting exercises. It is important to know that during election you are giving your decision making powers to someone else. If you are not involved like I here those of Christian faith confess – that politics is dirty and I want not to be part of it- then remember that any decisions that are made by those who have been elected is part of your decision , whether bad or good never complain. Let us retool.




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