Aiding Transformation in the world.

Like any task, writing is not easy. The past fifteen days have been tough .I have had to wonder whether my resolution to be penning an article every two days was waning; in deed my drive to write has been at the lowest, but at least, i can finally write again.

It is gratifying to once again fall in love with the keyboard, here, I have learnt you  to get to release the flow of your thoughts to the world. In deed, writing  generates a soothing feeling knowing that your experience is helping somebody get out of the perceived loneliness.

For instance, my perception on con-men and women has dramatically been transformed. This is after one indian lady pulled her car to the side of the road and convinced me that her car was running out of gas/ petrol, and that i should help her with $2 for . I willingly did that. However, a certain guy who saw me give out the cash, informed me that the lady was a con-woman; that she has been doing that to several people on Thika Super-Highway in Kenya , only that now she had relocated to parliament road in Nairobi, it was amazing to learn that she always asked her subject only $2. I felt so cheated. She practically eroded my generosity Henceforth. It will be difficult for me to offer help to any other person again for that scenario will always replay in my mind.

I mean this is what happen in all sphere of life. Once beaten twice shy.

Maybe those of us who are in leadership have contributed towards erosion of value system in our society. Maybe our actions have discouraged many from behaving in a manner that  uphold human respect. And maybe we are are the reason why social injustice is so ubiquitous.

I write to implore you to rethink of you behaviour and actions. I beseech you to re-imagine the vision and mission of your lives.

For me, a sense of accomplishment will be to see all treated equal with dignity. Without this then all the other things becomes  vanity. Without respect for others then life is meaningless.

All of us have a responsibility to do what is right. However it is disheartening to know that many have resigned to the whims of political manipulation. I say this owing to the fact that the conversations i hear when i am traveling using public means are ones filled with hopelessness and pity. With this then you know any anticipation of change without transformation 0f our thinking is only building castles in the air.

Now than ever then, we need to have people with strong resolve to denounce all social evils. We need to have people who are selfless guided with heart of service to humanity for them  to lead in the struggle toward emancipation of minds from the shackles of political hegemony that is propagated by political elites who have no imagination of a free world.

This is what you and me are called to do; stand for the right of the voiceless and weak in the society. This is a precious and urgent call, that when achieved, it will bring a sense of peace to our souls.

This is a lesson from the last fifteen days sabbatical leave from writing.




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