Freeing from false hope…

Nothing is permanent,  especially in life. Great transformation has been realized before and I believe we can see the same in the 21st century. The story of Liz Murray in the movie Homeless to Harvard is so inspiring that I think I will fix my life and that of fellow Africans one day. That Social justice will finally flow like mighty waters just like Martin Luther King dreamt.


Growing up the some rural village in Kenya, my mind was closed. despite lacking some essentials my family was complete or at least I had a father that I will looked up for provision and protection . I had no reason to struggle. I was comfortable. But after the death of my father; I realized I only had myself to depend on. I had to protect myself and my family. Then it dawned on me that I had to find away to survive .

When I got a chance to go to school again; I had to work hard. Like  Liz Murray in the movie I had nothing left after the death of my father to hold on to; I had to shade of my false hope and put my best foot forward.

While watching the movie, I was surprised how similar circumstances can be. Given that Liz’s life took a dramatic turn for the better ;I too believe anybody can transform. It will only take commitment and focus.

Such  success stories serves as an anchor of my faith in the possibility of great transformation in Africa.

It is evident that with determination;hunger that is claiming lives of poor people in Somalia and Ethiopia will be averted. Such success stories should give hope to those who are planting seeds of peace and love in the world. That in due time, fruits of their labour will sprout forth.

I agree with this great Greek proverb  ” a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit on.”

What more sacrifice can we make it it is not planting seeds of harmony and collaboration?  What is more than standing for the right leadership? I don’t think there is a higher reward.

We are faced with myriad challenges that require sober deliberation and collaboration; therefore, we are obligated by chance to do the necessary so as to avoid falling apart of our societies.

And maybe, we have held for too long false hope; maybe we have thought that it is not our responsibility to reject social, economical, and political discrimination and other evils; Maybe now is the time that we loosened our grip on those hopes,  and wake up from our slumber to see the reality of suffering in the world. Maybe it is time we broke our silence on critical human rights issues. And maybe it is time we reject them that have for long hoodwinked the public from real problems by blinding us with their money.

I know we can do it.  It only requires us to be determined.  It only calls for freeing ourselves from fear. For it is true as Koffi Annan observed, the only freedom we need is that from our own fears.

I hope this makes sense to you like it does to me.


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