The cost of silence.

So many lives have been lost and yet suffering is on the rise. All this, thanks to our silence and- it is not my problem attitude! From Syria to Africa the story is the same; many have abdicated their  responsibility as human beings to speak out against all evils.

I write with a heavy heart. The stories of people selling their honesty  is heart wrenching. Many have taken the easy way, they have opted to be compromised into blinding  their eyes from seeing no evil, and deafening their ears from hearing no evil.

It is a terrible and tragic story to hear that terrorist will bribe the police at the borders  to smuggle dangerous weapon of mass destruction to be used in a mission of maiming and killing. It is shocking and  disheartening; it is disheartening to learn that unscrupulous business people collude with hospital and government officials to supply wind instead of drugs, causing death of innocent and poor people.

It is unfathomable how inhuman some people have become that they can approve unworthy construction which later collapse claiming a number of innocent individuals all this because  money illegally changed hands.

Can you imagine how well connected individuals within governments have siphoned the public resources out-rightly? doesn’t it take more than person to make those fishy dealings? Yes!  But those who engage in this business steal enough to buy our conscious, they have saved enough to buy our freedom to speak.

While hunger devour innocent children in Ethiopia, few are busy using their positions to amass humongous wealth to spend on holidays with their families in far reaching beach coasts; while the poor languish in refugee camps in South Sudan, their leaders are merry making in most prestigious  Hiltons and Sheratons in the world just in the name of signing peace agreements which in most cases they eventually  don’t honor. This to me is extremely  ridiculous and yet we remain Mum about all this atrocities.

Today , like Gaylord Nelson Co-founder of Earth’s day observed, the ultimate test of man’s conscious may  be his willingness to sacrifice something today for the future generation whose words of thanks will not be heard.

This is the reason why I  call upon my brothers and sisters in America to sacrifice their differences and unanimously reject the character and actions of Donald Trump. He has portrayed the negative side of humanity, he has openly confessed his obsession with destroying and scattering instead of mending and gathering. Such kind of behavior should be rejected by all men and women who value respect for all people.

Knowing that silence has cost us lives of our beloved brothers and sisters; it is time we stand and reclaim our right stature; resist the whims of those who think they can buy our human conscious by their money.

Yes!Knowing that our conscious will harshly judge our actions and it would be difficult to live with the consequences ; It is time we make a decision today to stand with those who are oppressed. It is time we stand and be counted at the right side of history that will be made. That in future, history books will hold our names in high regard, that in them it would be written that it is because we existed and that is because we stood for right values that the world better and habitable.



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