Has the world gone insane?

Has the world gone insane? Why has killing, maiming , and verbal abuse become ubiquitous? This are the question that run in my mind when i read stories and reports  from all over the world. Images of dying children break my heart; buildings that were once beautiful sceneries but now ugly debris make my throat sore.

I am worried. I am worried that the world is headed to treacherous waters if we we continue being silent on poignant issues like the war in Syria. Reading through the story  The truth about Syria Undercover behind rebel lines , done by Clarissa Ward with Salma Abdelaziz I was  perturbed.

I wonder why governments have to kill innocent civilians in the name of securing peace? I wonder why the world is so obsessed with missiles that aid shedding innocent blood.

For sure, now, the world is facing a peculiar and eminent threat; This threat is rapped as a gift to the people of the only superpower in the world and labelled Donald Trump. This gift is now causing shock waves throughout the world. There is a higher probability we will have another Hitler. This is precarious and mind boggling to conscious Global citizens

Hitler and Mossolini, the worst murderers in the world came into power through election; history confirms this. They were ruthless people who never valued life. Coincidentally, just like Hitler and Mussolini  behaved , the front runner of GOP has not hidden his anger for Muslims, Mexicans and Women. His venom is contagious. His rallies have been marred by chaos but shockingly fully packed with cheering crowds. And this, i believe is an indication of ominous clouds hovering over the world.

Viktor .E. Frankl in his book Man’s Search for Meaning narrates a story of his life in concentration camp, when i read through it, i get a sense  that the suffering was intense. But the gratification Hitler and his cronies found in that exercise was not easily understandable. In this book , even Viktor himself  never understood why men would relish killing other men. However, within the book he indicates that the easiness that people had when killing might have been because of constant propaganda  by Hitler regime,given in small doses over a long time  that led to the insanity.

I am afraid that what trump and the GOP in general have done before is releasing small but dangerous propaganda that has brought them this far. Therefore, I pray that you do not fall for their lies, it is a pure lie that  whatever that is happening in the US will not affect the world. Given the power and influence of the  country in Geopolitics; their politics affects the politics to the remotest village of the world.

Therefore, Citizens of the United States of America you have an obligation to stop the comical Trump and his Arrogance and insanity. You have a responsibility to uphold the founding values anchored in your constitution. Yes! Good American People , we look up to you for direction. We look up to you to lead us toward the road of social justice not to the ocean of hatred and anger and genocides.

Finally, you and me are alive now for a reason. And this reason I believe is to speak out against the injustice meted on innocent people in our communities and countries. Let us denounce wars, let us denounce crooked leadership;for this way then, we can salvage the world from crashing.





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