Serving Generations; A solemn Desire of my Heart

Shadrack Agaki

The world  is hungry, for  along time the  world has been Starved of people committed to sort out the mess that has for decades plagued human kind. Now than ever, the world is under siege;and  it is sad that the ones we have entrusted with leadership have failed.  Instead of offering leadership, they are now engaged in looting and plundering our future.

That is why the world need a saviour, and our Salvation will come only through emancipating our mind from giving blind allegiance to our tribal affiliation, and consciously promoting political hegemony.

In deed, salvation of the world will depend on the commitment of a few who will stand for social justice for the voiceless and weak in society; salvation of the world will come from those who will defy crooked political and societal establishment that glorifies exploitation.

Yes! Now, salvation of the world depends on academicians who will stand firm to oppose those who propagate violation of human rights; not those who through their publications praise the political elites in order to benefit from political appointments.

It is true also that salvation of the world lie squarely in the hands of religious organisations. This institution is tasked with nurturing and developing proper value system. Even though it has abdicated its responsibility before ;now they should wake up; for without their involvement, then salvation of the world is an ominous dream.

We need to make service for the world a goal that is essential and urgent. For the atrocities meted on the poor is intense. Children are being devoured by pangs of hunger because of civil wars count from Central Africa Republic to Syria . The world news always paint a glim picture. Anybody with a sense of Humanity will see my reasoning, and probably, this reasons will spark a need of doing good for progeny.

It is your responsibility, it is my responsibility. Let us every day remember the future is in our hands let us sacrifice something for them that will inherit the world while we are gone.


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