Worrying is a waste of time: Peculiar Secret Behind Trump Rising star.

Back in the 1990s, I have learnt that Donald Trump was $1 billion in debt as an individual and $ 9 billion as a corporate and yet he seemed not to worry. Robert Kiyosaki in his book Guide to Investing, Trump is quoted saying “I have noticed that one of the main reasons why people are not rich is because they worry too much about things that might never happen.” this perfectly explain why many Republicans consider him honest.


His rising star, is a serious headache to the GOP operatives. They are out to sink his sailing ship. Unfortunately, their perceived dishonest is a tragic reality and hindrance they will face as they fight to stop the business magnet from clinching the candidature.

Trump has no face to save, for his character and demeanor tells of a shroud businessman willing to take humongous risk. In fact he is investing in what many are considering a risk business.

But reading through the first few pages of Guide to Investing, where this man-Trump is quoted, I am convinced that he is confident that his business venture is going to be  profitable.

Just like the Rich dad taught  Kiyosaki on how confusing investment can be, I know Trump must be endowed with techniques of handling crisis like what he is facing now in the campaigns, no wonder he has attracted supporters  from every sphere of life.  In any case, now I know he is not concerned of losing the candidacy for the GOP to Sen. Ted Cruiz; because according to his believe, that will be wasting his time.

Wow! This is a new revelation and perspective I never had. Now than ever I am persuaded to keenly follow the unfolding movie style phenomenon between Trump and the GOP veterans and political pundits. I bet, it will be bruising and interesting exercise to watch as it approaches grand finale.

And I guess there would be a number of  good lesson for the world to learn from this enticing political contest in US.

Therefore, going by this unfolding scenario, It is imperative to accept the essence of honest in our daily dealings. The Fact that Trump has been critically honest while building his Business empire; many are now  ready to  return the favor by trusting him to appoint where majority of Americans are ready to entrust him with the Highest seat in the highest office in the world’s most powerful country despite his arrogant, compromising and scary character.

It should dawn on us that being true to our mission is significant and that the world over is watching us. Our every move is monitored, therefore, we should behave in a manner that promote decency in the society.

It should be clear now that the persistence of Mr Trump has thrusted him to the hall of fame; similarly, as we seek Justice for the less fortunate ; if we persist, we will finally restore human dignity.

And now that Mr. Trump is writing a peculiar history, let us hope  that the people of the United States of America are going to make a better choice. A choice that will promote the values that were espoused by the founding fathers of the Best democracy in the world in their Constitution.

Let that choice by the American people not open the flood gates of hell; let that choice not set the world into a place of unimaginable quagmire like the racial discrimination the same country experience during the sixties.

It is my prayer that the people of the United States of America will make a choice that will inspire confidence in the world so that the all people will walk towards eradication of poverty,  diseases hunger and illiteracy.

Here for now is where I pray  rest my case.


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