Betrayal Vs Social Responsibility to Speak Out.

Tragedy of 21st century would be defined by our deafening silence on critical issues that affect society. From the smallest village to the US-Super Power nation in the world , betrayal is rife. Most of us  have betrayed the future generation, for we have chosen the easy way-shutting our mouths on misery facing the poor in society and which threatens existence of the next generation.

As the star  of Donald Trump rise in the GOP, many have developed different theories,one such is Robert Ragan, his explanation has convinced me to some extent.  for instance , he questions, can it be true that the republicans made Trump and Now he is taking the show from them? to some degree, yes!His argument that the Republican party’s  obstructionism towards the Obama Administration created Trump might be true.

To be honesty, for me the Obama administration has had a great positive  impact in the world. With his oratory, he has inspired many , me included.his dedication to creating a just society is not in doubt, he may have had his shortfalls, but  I surely do not understand why people will be so much against him.Anyway, they now might be feeling the heat of trying to stop the business magnet from clinching the candidacy of the GOP.

Reading through  Micheal Bloomberg article and other world news , I wonder whether the challenges and calamities we are facing are as a result of our failure to speak out; I wonder whether the Al-Shabaab Menace is a creation of our own as Kenyans; I wonder whether Boko Haram is the creation of the Nigerian and her west Africa neighbors; and i keep on questioning myself  whether ISIL is the creation of developed countries like US, Russia and their accomplices. I endevour to seek answers.

However,what is clear is that our silence contributes to development of major social evils.

Think of the cancer of Corruption. Isn’t it a creation of both the giver and the receiver? In most cases who gives? Isn’t it the general public whose greedy and hunger for quick service that lead to the commitment f the crime? And then we bitterly complain, that our country is sinking under the weight of corruption.This must be ridiculous!

Think of radicalization, don’t we leave our children on their own? have we not passed our parental responsibility to Television, Video games and Movies. Don’t we know this truths?

Yes, we know the truth, but we have chosen to ignore. We have decided not to  point out social evils when they are germinating in the society. In fact we have nurtured them, just imagine of despicable character,think of addiction and drug abuse, haven’t we chosen to  to talk about them with our children? now look , throughout the world many parents are being haunted by their past mistakes.

To get out of this quagmire, we need to be true to ourselves. We need to demand more each day,especially in shaping societal value system. The society fabric has been eaten by worms and  we are now running on a dangerous lane. If we have to save ourselves and progeny, then we have to start speaking the truth. We must accept that we have failed. We have failed before, but it is not too late. We can right the wrongs and start creating a better future.

Let us abandon our selfishness on the highway and move into the paths of prosperity where honesty and accountability are virtues upheld by every individual in the society. This way we will be assured of restoration of human dignity.




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