International Women’s Day 2016:Demystifying the role of women in restoring Social justice.

From village homes to urban suburbs throughout the world , the role of women can be clearly pinpointed. Their contribution is huge. In deed, existence of women is the reason why communities still stand. I confidently articulate the significance of women because i have benefited from their generosity. From my mother, to my sisters to my wife; the story of their assistance and care cannot be effectively explained with words.

From Somalia  to Central Africa republic to South Sudan, the atrocities meted on women should be a concern to everyone with human heart. Knowing that women are the most affected when violence breaks out; then we should be at the forefront  rejecting those who support and propagate wars. The bloodthirsty war mongers, who in the name of seeking leadership recruit people to stand and fight with them should be named of what they real are; social misfit.

It should be known that the custodians of society value are women. They are the ones who teach children what they carry through their lives. Hence ,they should be respected and cared for.

Reading the story of Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and her effort towards restoring peace in her country; i am persuaded that given chance women can do amazing things.  And when i read through the story of Wangari Maathai’s tenacity in defending the environment, against the brutal regime of President Moi; i am convinced that women can perform wonders. The list can be long but the lessons are similar. Women a pivotal factor in development of Nations and communities

As i read through an article International Women’s Day 2016: What is it and why was it set up?  today,it was surprising to learn that this day has been in existence since 1911, and  that after 1975 when the UN started celebrating the day; tremendous success has been achieved. It is gratifying to know that now we have a stand a lone goal  #5 Sustainable development goals to promote gender equality. Plus there are many other goals that advocate for better treatment of all people.

As we celebrate our women today, it is also imperative to be candid and  free to mention that we will face challenges.And the challenges will be daunting. I am speaking from my own perspective and experience. Sometimes we are met with unreasonable treatment from women, sometimes we feel offended by their actions towards  men. It can be difficult to imagine.

How do you explain an instance where a woman chops off the private parts of a man;we have seen it happen severally, especially in my country -Kenya. The worst of it, you see those who support gender issues remaining silence or worse start asking funny rhetorical question like; what was the man doing when this was happening? doesn’t this sound rude? I believe in order for us to meet these critical challenges, we must learn to question our attitude towards men too.

During this important day, let us not forget that we are all human and expect better treatment. And when a wrong is committed, let us acknowledge, and tackle it. It will not be of any good for us to take sides blindly. It should be a cardinal rule to carry out thorough investigation and handle all issues concerning gender equality with care and prudence.

Otherwise, for us to achieve and see fruits of social justice, we must encourage personal development of women. If we manage to ensure development of women, then achieving gender Equality will someday come true.


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