Beyond Zero :Good intentions derailed by unreasonable utterances

In our best intentions to bring change comes challenges. Challenges that makes one question the real value of what they work hard to achieve.
Yesterday was one of those moments that light my spirit, when I see effort by private citizens working towards alleviating human Suffering. The Kenya First Lady, Madam Margret Kenyatta marathon – Beyond Zero was happening.

Despite her good  intentions, while browsing through social media I wouldn’t believe the venomous statements I saw. One dominant issue raised by dissenting voices  was that the Kenya President, the husband to the first Lady had let corrupt people steal billions of money, yet the first Lady was running to raise a few millions.

That was shocking to me. I think that is the last thing one expects especially when they are carrying out a noble exercise.

My heart is heavy, with the simple reason that sometimes those who need to support you never do. The vilify your undertaking, the cajole your commitment and constantly hurt your feelings.

I now believe what Gandhi said was right.” They will oppose  you, they will fight you,  and when they realize you’re ain’t gonna give up they will join you.”

However, it is hard to put up with heartache sometimes , especially when it comes from your loved ones. Maybe to ignore and letting them go is the only reasonable thing you can do.

Social justice scares many, it is a panacea to a better future for all of us. We have to fight to achieve it.
Even in the furnace of heartbreak, in the strong waves of confusion, clarity of mind and absence of guilty for our actions is what will carry us through.


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