Elevating Dignity and Sovereignity of human being: Ultimate goal of social justice

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience maybe his willingness to sacrifice something today for the future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” These are the words of the co-founder of World Earth’s day Gaylord Nelson. In this statement lie the indisputable fact and truth of what is required of us now. The urgency for our action is of essence if we have to avert the impeding explosion that threatens to shutter the world.  Now, Poverty, hunger, and many other human right violation are on the rise; and until we acknowledge and act positively ;the future generation might disappear from the face of the earth.

I am deeply concern with the current affairs of the world . I write well aware of the danger of venomous words and statement from politicians epitomized by the United States of America Republican presidential candidate contender Donald Trump. The hype around him from majority of his supporters from all over the world  depict the the disquiet and anger against the none white. It reflects a deep seated racism.

Away from Trump to my own country- Kenya the dragon of corruption is wiping out  inheritance of the next generation.

Not only that, the obsession with amassing wealth seems to have consumed our morals. Our society has lost a heart to help the less fortunate, instead those in power are now engaged on a spree, looting whatever available.

Across East Africa, things are not rosy anymore. In the recent meeting in Tanzania, the EAC heads of states seem to have resolved on something critical,there are reports that importation of secondhand cloths will be prohibited soon. Given that the local textile industry failed many years ago, and the fact that the local products are  extremely expensive; then there is a possibility of the poor walking nude. Isn’t this social injustice we are meant to resist?

Now that those who are supposed to protect the poor are the ones devouring the little left hope for progeny; aren’t we supposed to rise up as socially conscious individuals to put our lives on the line as our ultimate sacrifice for those coming before us?  just imagine how Dr. Martin Luther King with his contemporaries  courageously confronted the vice of racial discrimination.  Think of Dr. king’s dream, how good would it have been if he would seen his dream of  the first Black American president in the US come true? It would have been gratifying i guess. But he never lived to see . Yes! like Graylord said, Dr. king never heard the words of thanks from us who are benefiting because of his effort. But history has a place for Him.

America will make a choice come November, and the world is keenly watching. Many are looking at how thing unfolding for this is the country that shape the opinion  of the world. Cognizant of this fact i urge the citizens of US to be keen and conscious as they make their decisions.

Although ,even as we wait for that decision, it is upon us all to take responsibility wherever we are; let us consider it fruitful ton stand for truth and justice. let us help in building institutions that will promote social justice.let us find it right to support social justice.

In your community, be a good ambassador, ready to be involved in political processes for that way you determine the kind of leaders who come to power; the people you entrust with your power to make decisions  that will affect you and the next generation.It is critical to shun those who want to buy your vote. Anybody with that idea is not fit for leadership,his right place is in hell.

Today is the day, let us start making investment for progeny. it is my prayer that we will work to make world better for the next generation. For as  the Chinese proverb says ; The best time to have invested was 20 years ago. But the next best time to invest is now.

There is no time to lament of what we didn’t do yesterday; yesterday is gone, those who were killed yesterday and the day before yesterday should not concern us, but instead those who are going to meet their untimely death a minute after i type these words; we should be concern with those languishing in refugee camps, we should be concern of children under intense pangs of hunger. In deed, our immediate task now and in the near future is to work towards creating institutions that will prevent their suffering.

To all those propagating atrocities throughout the world, know that your time is over, you are living on borrowed time, but even at this time, you can transform. Because, for sure when your time is over, the wrath of  God and  that of your own conscious will be on you. It would be expensive for you. I pray that you release your heart from hatred and anger and free yourself from that club that molest innocent souls of men by doing injustice.






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