The power of contradiction: Hinderance to social transformation

We say we love flowers yet we pluck them. We say we love trees yet we cut them down, And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved . This statement reflects the power of contradiction in advancing positive social change. The power of contradiction between words and actions.  Just like it happened to Ethiopia, the divide and conquer strategy during the scramble for colonization of Africa. Trickery and coercion to help colonizers to defeat most of their colonies. However not with the Ethiopians,Emperor Menellic II shocked the Italians. Hewas able to put together his people and their voice prevailed. This happened because the emperor discovered the trickery the Italians  wanted to use in form of a contradicting Treaty signed in Ucciali province in 1889-one in Italian and the other in Amharic, both with different information. Therefore,understanding the contradiction in African Leadership and defying their ways  is what will give us victory.

Today 2 march 2016 as Ethiopia celebrate  Adwa Victory Day , there is hope that social justice is coming soon to Africa. I write today with conviction that we have the ability to restore what as been stolen from us. However, the first step is to realize the paradox of of Africa leadership and their impotent rhetoric of democracy; their cruel version of  democracy that has become a bitter pill for children, women ,and men who are being mercilessly killed by power thirsty creatures .

We have to see beyond their words and look and discern their actions. When we see the irony of their words- and  I pray that we all see; then I believe we will all have temerity to  rise up, with clear conscious to reject their pretense and call for accountability and respect for humanity.

As I write this piece, reports and news in my country are not rosy at all.  The  country is bleeding, with corruption. Hatred is increasingly building, thanks to shrewd politicians who with their words embrace elusive unity while on the other hand, their actions slowly but steadily promote hatred and tribalism. Soon if we are not careful, their actions will inspire despicable acts and plunge us into the doldrums of chaos.

I pray that we take note of their actions, marry them with their words, and surely when we discover their inappropriateness of being leaders ,we reject them. We need to take collective responsibility. As they steal from our public coffers; let us stand up with courage to ask them to return stolen wealth.

The fallacy they propagate by now should be well know us all. When caught stealing and embezzling public resources, they should not drag the whole community into their miseries; we have seen what they do, they start singing the song of my tribe is targeted. I have always refused to borrow their script of thinking. I believe misappropriating and squandering public resources is a personal choice, and true, it is an individual responsibility to develop good character and right values. In any case, when they steal they do that for their selfish interest.

Now is the right time. It is that time that that one Chinese proverb call ” best time for investment.” We have the responsibility of working towards securing the future of Africa. We need to save Africa from the crawls of crooked leadership. We need to rise up and restore dignity of Africans . We need to start now, entrench in our society respect for humanity. We need to start now… we need to start now,creating a good reputation for Africa. And i believe this we can do.

I believe this we can do as soon as we discover the folly few elites have used to exploit masses. Yes! the sooner we realize that we have been taken for a ride for a half a century, then our hunger for emancipation will exponentially increase. And then. we shall lead the war against exploitation and humiliation of fellow Africans. And then, we shall walk in community parks and offices with Human dignity,where all are equal with equal opportunities

At the End  history would record our victory from shackles of poverty.




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