Africa: Are we under siege from corrupt leadership?

Everyone seems to be in hurry to grab whatever they can find on their way. Looting now defines what seems glorious and glamorous activity . Leaders seem to be in contest of amassing illegal wealth. All this in the name of building a chest muscles for campaigning.

I wonder what has bewitched our politicians. Is like they are possessed with evil spirits and jinis that make them restless if they are not stealing.

What annoys me more is their dishonest. I guess their conscious died long time ago. They no longer have feeling for hunger stricken and dying children .

I have come to this conclusion – that politicians have lost consciousness because they are sacking our country resources without a hint of regret.

Our public hospitals are in pathetic conditions. The poor suffer the blunt side of their inconsiderate acts and policies. Death rates in Kenya public hospitals is higher. You would be right to guess that those who die in this facilities are the poor who have no ability to afford the expensive cost of being treated in private hospitals.

Public education is almost grounded because the sector as well has not been spared from this curse of Corruption. Teachers and board of management in schools collude with private business people to steal from the poor. It was a sad revelation by the Kenya cabinet Secretary of education days ago on the status of unavailability of class textbooks in public schools . That over three students share a text book when each is supposed to have his/hers? This is unacceptable.

Yes! something amiss happens when the schools receive money – diversion into private use. But Who will reign on them if we don’t rise up to stop all these madness!?

However, there is hope. When recently I saw the initiative by organizations coming up to raise money to help cancer patients receive medication from private hospitals being advertised on one of the television channel ; I was fascinated.

It is inspiring to know that despite the blatant insensitivity of politicians and governments, there are a few who are tired of the impotent political theatrics and rhetoric that has all along defined the government dealings. It is fulfilling knowing that there are those whose conscious to human plight is still alive. It is what makes me write this. To confirm that we are not under siege.

The siege is not real, It is perceived; the moment we join our hands as human beings; the moment we start seeing our fellow men and women as equal actors in the story of social transformation then we would be in the highway to achieving Social justice.

Social justice is what will define the coming fourth industrial revolution.


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