Intellecap : Leading in Development of Socially Just Ecosystem

Listening to An Interview with Vineet Rai, Founder Intellecap and Aavishkar by Aly Khan Satchu of Rich Management that happened yesterday alongside Sankalp Africa Summit 2016 ‘Innovations for the Next 3 Billion’ I am persuaded the world is headed to drastic social transformation. The rise of socially conscious individuals is what  will predominantly define the much anticipated fourth revolution that Klauls Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum mention in his article The Fourth Industrial Revolution.I have noted from historical  literature that the salient feature that accelerates development is respect and value for humanity; therefore, attainment of Sustainable Development Goals depends on our ability to integrate mutual collaboration and partnership in world development agenda.

Listening to his story, Vineet Rai recount his 300 job application letters rejected. However , this is not shocking to me; for I know some of my colleagues who have given up applying for jobs because they have been turned down numerous times. They have within them the holy fear of cartels that run the show in my country. Cartels that dish jobs according to your political alignment and allegiance.

Most of the African countries  are facing the hardest time ever; the future plagued by hunger of selfish politicians who are relentlessly embezzling public resources. in most of this countries, corruption is a word that define the dealings within government circles.  This has denied many people opportunity to a better life. it threats the dreams of a better future.

However, the effort by #Intellecap is a manifestation of positive change that is fast knocking on our doors. yes! This is an exponential change ; eagerly waited one. It is a transformation that will inspire Africans to start engaging their creative mind; for the ecosystem being developed value and promote equal opportunity to those with creative ideas.

Just like Vineet Rai indicates in his interview, I concur that imagination is what will define the next success stories. We need creative solution to civil wars in South Sudan, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, Syria and many other countries if we are to succeed; For In war thorne areas, social entrepreneurship never thrives.

Hence, it is critical  that many organization like #intellecap comes up to build capacity of people in field of conflict resolution and good governance. For as we try creating an ecosystem that will promote entrepreneurship; without peace all will be vanity.

It is important to know that technology is what we should utilize if we are to realize the dream of creating a socially just ecosystem. It is amazing that people can converge in Nairobi from all offer the world with every logistic efficiently taken care of; thanks to technology that allow prior safe payment. That you can now crowd fund and get seed capital for your creative idea without fear of discrimination thanks to initiative by Vineet Rai and Muhammud of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

It is quite fascinating to see how technology has helped masses to hold leaders socially accountable of their actions. For instance, courtesy of twitter community, many corruption scams in Kenya have been unearthed and subsequent led to launching of investigation by authorities. With such pro-activity from the public , I believe we are going to manage creating inclusive institutions that could promote development of socially Just ecosystem.

Therefore, it is my hope that as the world converge in the Sankalp Global Summit in Mumbai India, that  we could seek more partnership not only in building an ecosystem favorable for business development and eradicating poverty but also seek  creative ways of creating a socially just ecosystems , where every individual’s ability ,talent ,and gift will be  respected and valued. And that every individual will have an opportunity to contribute to attainment of Sustainable Development Goals.


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