#SankalpAfrica: promoting Social entrepreneurship

The world is hungry for solution to perennial social problems that threatens our future.. From poverty to civil wars to effects of global warming ; in deed creative ways should be sought to avert the dangling ominous clouds of unemployment among the youth in Africa and all other developing nations. Hence the idea of having organizations and individuals leading in convening forums to open the discussion on the challenges we face is noble. But also knowing that there is an emergence of social conscious individual willing to sacrifice their lives for a better society is gratifying.

“Tested in Nairobi then spread to the world.”is a phrase that now defines a great awakening has come to our city. It is an awakening that has thrusted Nairobi as social innovation hub  to the world. I remember of the conference i was lucky to be part  in may of 2015 duped  what makes a city a hub for social innovation: lessons from Nairobi’ many expressed optimism then that we had what it take to make the world a better place.

Now the the #SankalpAfrica has taken those hopes a scale higher; the world should be ready to accept exponential transformation as real. Now that ever before ,the conversation is intense and deep, social transformation is rife. I can  confidently state this because of the enthusiasm that has been depicted by over 800 hundred delegates attending the #SankalpAfrica conference  on social media.

The world is ready for transformation. Many are taking risk, anyway is like they realized  that everything is a risk including  in living itself. As Anne Patton indicated in her article Ugandan social enterprise meets success through motorcycle ownership programme,; Tugende enterprise is doing a tremendous job in uplifting and empowering youth to earn a living. This and many other stories is what makes the world seem different now  than centuries ago.

The effects of great depression both of the 1930s and 2008 were caused by man’s  obsession of capitalism. After the incidents , now people know that there is more to life than just money. I guess that is why Klaus Schwab, the founder of World Economic Forum indicated in an interview with Times Magazine  that if we have to experience progress in this generation,  then we should put people first and empower them.

My hope is buoyed by Schwab’s words. My hope is rekindled because I know finally good will subdue the power  of greed and selfishness by some of the elites in the society. I am confident that the future hold better things for the  inhabitants of the world. But this we will experience if we do our part in transforming the society. I believe we  will experience exponential growth if we will be willing to put an end to corruption and embezzlement of public resources.

I understand this a toll order but  we are in the right track, when you see the urge and urgency of youth towards doing something that would better the community , then you know all is well in the future. However, we should put more effort in developing positive value system which i believe would be a critical component in promoting social innovation.




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