Fourth Indurstrial revolution : lifting humanity into a new collective moral consciousness.

So far we have had three revolution. All of them have come with opportunities and challenges. Think of the first revolution that used water and steam power to mechanized production. Imagine of the second industrial revolution that used electricity to create mass production. Contemplate of the third revolution that involves electronics and technology that has disrupted the economy, now production is automated. it is refereed to  as a knowledge economy. According to Klaus Schwab, the founder of World economic forum,in his article, The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond he opines that the coming revolution will involve  fusion of technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Schwab while giving an interview to the Times Magazine of January 2016, he made a statement that really inspired me ” If we do not want to be dominated by technology we need to become more human society.” There is nothing impressive than to know that people think that human and not machines and gadgets is what will define the coming  fourth industrial revolution.

What is the world if it was left to you alone? Of what significance would it have been, if this world was without caring people?  What would have been the situation in the world if reproduction never took place? this are shocking questions . But the mystery of their answers form the foundation of my believe i realized i share with schwab; stated at the end of his article indicated in the link above, that if we want to create a better future; then we should take advantage of the coming fourth industrial revolution and shape the future that works for all by putting people first and empowering them.

Without checking our fanaticism on amassing wealth; without considering the well being of others; we should be assured then of our place in a chaotic world  full of all unimaginable social evils that Daniel Goleman speaks in his book Focus.

If we don’t check our passion for war, then we will tear down the world as we seek elusive peace.

I will never advocate killing of innocent people, especially in this dispensation that we expect the world to collaborate and partner to create conducive environment where human dignity could thrive.

We should as a world, in this coming revolution embrace respect. We should be in a position to respect other people’s talents, gifts and abilities. Without us upholding the essence of life; then we can be assured of disasters for the future generation.

it is important to remember that the coming era , an individual as compared to the past can posses a technology that can destroy the whole  world in a fraction of  time -think of nuclear bombs. Yes! this coming era would see reputation of a person within a shortest time tainted and destroyed within  a second. think of social media like  twitter, Face book ,and Instagram . Given the magnitude of these challenges , I recommend development of better value system to guide the world in this coming revolution .

We need to develop better  character than what we have had because without character money is vanity.

As you might rightly think, it is a time we are presented with choices to make. And it is also true that the choices we make now will determine our future and that of our children.

Chance today has bestowed you with opportunities to create systems that could create a better world for yourself and  that of others. You should seize that opportunity . For the history would have something to say about this generation. And  i wish that history of our generation would be that during the fourth industrial revolution; those who lived then , that is us; made better use of the opportunities and now we have a safe world. That we have hunger free world; that we now have a peaceful world. this is what I would rather have in the books of history for our generation.

It is not easy , but let us keep striving. I am hopeful we would succeed


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