This thing called Small Pox!

The last five days have been torturous moments. I have had pain, shivering, sweating and sleepless nights.

I felt somehow embarrassed when some people seemed to suggest that I am that old to suffer from the ailment. This is hurting when it comes from a friend who should console you.

When I did a bit of research I realized anybody can suffer from this disease. It is not meant for children only.

Thanks to my dear wife, at least she understood that I really felt bad. When to others it seemed ridiculous, to her it was a matter of concern.

She was there the whole five days, even when I insisted I wanted to go to work, she told me to mind of my health first. It sometime hurts when you know whoever you work for doesn’t mind whether you are well or not. This every time remind me of the human indignity.

However, this has been a good experience.  Believe me, you can trust and count on those who are close to you. Some of those you think are friends can embarrass you; either by responding funnily to your suggestion or by bluntly dismissing you of what you think is important.

To all my fellow bloggers, I want to encourage you. In writing we find a way to express what might take ages to be spoken. Writing open our spiritual mouth and the words flow like a mighty river. In writing None! Not one can prevent you from saying what comes to you.

Let us not forsake the culture of writing but seek to nurture and impart it to our children.

Have a lovely Sunday.


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