Releasing creativity to promote social justice.
Elizabeth Gilbert has methodically dissected the subject of creativity. Reading through her article featured on TED, I am attracted and persuaded by this particular statement “curiosity which is the mother of creativity; is faithful, steadfast, and accessible energy that is never far out of reach.

While we seek social justice, we would be forced to abandon our religious and cultural  dogmas of what creativity is.  We need to let go of our fear of failure because we ain’t good enough .

That as we seek to restore dignity of  the voiceless In society , it is imperative that we detached ourselves from worries of our perceived inability . We should know that It would be significant to unleash our imagination of every possibility available that can be exploited in order to bring an end to rampant human right violation in Africa and other parts of the world.
I can’t imagine of any better way to combat the enemy of poverty and ignorance . I have no better suggestions on how to tackle the horrendous social evils than what Elizabeth Gilbert has given.

It is of essence and of great urgency that we take serious our position as social justice Advocates in such a time.  That in such a time we are the source of hope.  We are the hope that the world is looking up to.  We are the hope that the world expect to apply our ingenuity to counter atrocities committed by greedy and selfish leaders in society.  We are the hope, and that hope we must not disjoint the world.

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert for a great lesson.  It was timely.


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