Role of Churches in Fueling Social Injustice

Endemic corruption, mass murder and exploitation of the poor is rife in most developing countries. In these same countries, churches are mushrooming ; and you would be forgiven to think that since Christianity is associated with compassion; you would see social transformation. What i see breaks my heart. In fact, most churches have become conduits propagating unimaginable atrocities.

In my recent article  Hypocrisy and Pretense that Promote Social Injustice i focused on how developed nations promote social injustice. They are killing people in the name of peace. They are violating human rights in the name of offering security.

Majority of the people are obsessed with insatiable hunger to amass wealth. Instant wealth. This i believe has highly contributed to the society losing ability to show empathy, and compassion . Now, churches that are supposed to be the hope of the poor; have become clubs where people go showing off what have and what they are made of, what they  own, and shamelessly they have turned into a backbiting club that never inspires hope to the hopeless.

Reading through a press statement by  Ufungamano- joint forum of religious organizations dated 20th November 2015 on corruption; my attention was attracted to their observation of what churches are supposed to do in order to help tame corruption. According to the organization, churches should not invite politicians to be guest of honors in their fundraisers. If the politicians came, they should give their contribution as believers. The statement continues to say, whatever amount they give should not be announced to the congregation . I totally agree with their observation.

It is said in the Bible that if you give an offering with your right hand let not your left hand know. Remember the story of the poor woman who gave a cent? And what did Jesus tell his disciples? He told the them that lady, the poor lady is the only one who has given the most. Why? Because she genuinely gave her all.

With my experience with renown leaders and politicians , i dare say, the only way you can disarm politicians is to deny them a chance to show case how much they own. i can bet that if you want to reduce their urge to offer you humongous money, deny them publicity. and for sure if they will ever have peace, kindly deny them mammoth crowds.

Their political rhetoric is charged when they find darling crowd that will sing praise and chant their names. yes, i know their pockets and wallets open easily to sycophants and lies. Their hearts rejoice when they are the highest contributor in your church fundraisers.

Here lies a bone of contention. I have never understood the rationale of asking politicians to come help build churches. From the bible, God prohibited king David from building hm a temple but his son Solomon, Why? Because his hands were not clean. It pains me to see people suffering because churches have abdicated a responsibility of keeping leaders socially accountable; but instead, have joined in a bandwagon of the greedy, selfishness ,and pervasive individuals to exploit the voiceless.

It is tragic, it perturbs me that now it is in churches that rogue preachers are taking advantage of believers. it is now preachers blackmailing believers to give offering. It is appalling to know that It is now in churches that blessings from God are sold to the less-fortunate.

How different will this kind of religious leaders be from those who kill? How different will churches be from dictatorship regimes that jail and maim innocent citizens. i think they would all be the same.

I write this to inform genuine Christians that we have a great task a head of us; all the eyes of the world are focused on us, they are waiting for direction. i write to inform social justice advocates that our work is cut out and  that the future of the world is in our hands. I write to scholars to tell them that their  gifts and talents are their to be used to teach and propagate proper values not to join those who seek self gratification at the expense of the masses.

I write to the youth, for i am youth.I write to let them know that we are youth at such a time to embrace our future and resist the crooked ways of insensitive leaders interested only on their personal aggrandizement.

I write to encourage genuine Christians not to give up, but to constantly offer supplication and prayers to the almighty, that His sufficient grace and mercy would save the world just like Jonah prayed  for the people of Nineva. i write to remind all those with kind hearts to pray for those propagating hatred in different parts of world to repent and remember that we are all human and every human  deserve to live a dignified life free of hunger and conflicts.

It is my prayer that churches will take serious their responsibility. Yes , it is time to tell the world what is wrong with this institution; for then we could work towards finding a solution to the cancer that has invaded the body of Christ, where compassion and empathy is supposed to drive mission and vision.

I finish by calling you to action. Let us together face our shortcomings courageously for that way, we will overcome. For that way, we would create a socially just society.




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