Hypocrisy and Pretense that Promote Social Injustice in the 21st Century

The world is overwhelmed by social injustice. News from all around the world everyday depicts a society falling apart. The frequency at which bloodthirsty groups are butchering innocent people is alarming; and the silence of keys institutions in society on the atrocities meted on the voiceless is deafening.  Now the poor and voiceless needs a redeemer. Yes, the world is under pressure to find solutions to social problems of the world.

With human values espoused in the Bible, you would think those who profess that faith will care about suffering of others. With compassion claimed in various social actors in society including famous UBUNTU, you would expect greater effort towards solving perennial problems. Oh ,No! Those who are supposed to show concern for the less fortunate in society only mind of their own business and their wealth.

I am talking about religious organization, churches in particular. Whereas Christians are thought to be endowed with empathy, most have abdicated that responsibility; they have become part of the channels where social injustices are propagated.

I wonder what has bewitched our society. I shudder to imagine what happened to the church as a just institution; now we have churches involved in cleansing money that have been looted from the poor. Sometimes, I feel so cheated when ruefully; bishops and clergies take to the pulpit and hypocritically offer generous prayers for those they seem to like because of their fat wallets. Isn’t this a tragedy in the 21st century?

Can you imagine when someone steals from you and give you back that money in terms of a fundraising contribution. Doesn’t that sound obnoxious? How on earth can we continuously be praising people who we know out rightly misappropriated our resources? This makes me sad. It worries me. It gives me a reason to write. For when I write it, I keep the record to remind myself what I should not be part of.

Pretense and hypocrisy is what has brought us this far. Most of our religious organization have metamorphosed to be docile dog that will coil its tail when the thief come charging towards it. The church has lost it moral standing to demand for social justice. They have resigned to the whims of cruel politicians who bribe them with the ill gotten wealth.

The wisdom that King Solomon asked for is completely absent in most of our religious leaders. They are governed by the spirit of greedy and selfishness. They have forgotten the command of the Golden rule: do unto your neighbour what you would want done to you, now they are on a mission of exploiting them.

Nothing can be worse than taking advantage of the poor. There is no higher Evil than that of misusing a position of power to trample on the less fortunate in the society.

To the leaders of developed Nations in world, to spend a lot of money on war instead of building structures to help those suffering is pervasive and a sign of unfathomable injustice. To kill people in the name of peace and security is perilous. The blood of the innocent will be counted on your hands. Please know this, that innocent blood is a curse that you and your children will not run away from.

To the Christian community, it is time we went back to what Christianity mean; caring for your brother and sister. To those propagating hatred and mass murder your time will come; a time that conscious will constantly gnaw you. That time, you will not know peace; that time you will regret. However, you can mend your ways and let us together work towards creating a better society.


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