Eaten Hope


Intense dark clouds are hanging over the Supreme Court of Kenya. A few hours ago,one of the most respected judge was confirmed by the Judicial service Commission special committee to have portrayed gross misconduct while carrying out his duty. There are rife allegations of a bribe of $2 million.

This is made worse by difficult economic times our country is going through , with rampant cases  of massive misappropriation of public resources.

Both local and international media have covered what has been termed a new vocabulary ;Tenderpreneur. This are connected individuals who broker government jobs at a cost.  Thus, humongous appetite to be associated with the government.

The words of the  Chief Justice of Kenya may be vindicated going by the happenings in the institution he heads . I get a sense of an Upright man who is overwhelmed by dark forces. He is a sheep amidst of wolves.

His present way of handling things portray an angry man. Since professional way of tackling corruption in the courts has proved  difficult, he has taken the best way he had always taken – Activism. He has taken his radical nature and I get a feeling that he is genuine.

To the poor and voiceless who thought the court were a remedy. Their hopes have been eaten up.  Trust in the whole system of Judicial process system has now drowned in the deep sea.

I have no idea why such a judge would be compromised . I shudder to imagine how on earth would someone become so insensitive to his conscious. It is unfortunate, it is sad, but we have to live consequences of our actions because it is what we have chosen.

Our values have been torn down. Now the vice of Corruption has become the hallmark of fame in accumulating wealth. It is held in high regard by most people in society .

What a tragedy in the 21st century!
It is a catastrophe, especially to my generation and that of my son. Our inheritance is being squandered by selfish and reckless individuals. People who are hungry for power. People who are full of hatred and evil thoughts.

Africa in particular is full of leaders whose hands  are colored with blood of innocent and poor people who have died of hunger. Their hand are tainted by the blood of those who been killed in civil wars caused by their insatiable urge to create hegemony.

This makes me sad. It invokes in  me unimaginable pain. I wonder what really motivates this individuals to engage in such atrocious acts.

Maybe today our hope is crashed, but may we find solace in history; that all things change. Let us hope and act today in a manner that will create a better tomorrow.

Let us stand and be counted as those who not only said, but also acted in ways that inspired confidence of our generation and those that will come before us.

Let us raise our standards and develop rituals that will help in restoring the lost glory of out Mother Africa.

We all have been bestowed by God  the ability to stand for #socialjustice. We need not to be accomplices of those propagating exploitation of the poor but advocates and defenders of the weak and voiceless. This should be our call.  It should be our goal despite the tragic events we are experiencing.


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