Africans: Let Us Denounce and Disassociate Ourselves from Pervasive Leadership

Africa is hungry of leaders with a vision to restore human dignity; because currently, our continent is engulfed with vultures ready to devour every existing soul. Our continent is bleeding. Out of her eyes, tears flow like flood. The pain of impoverished children languishing in pain due to hunger ; hunger that has been caused by perennial civil war propagated by power hungry elites who are keen to create endemic hegemony

We are in a murky waters and treacherous slope to impunity, but there is hope, we can salvage our continent by beginning to be true to ourselves by re-examining our contribution to the current crisis. Like Benjamin Netanyau said while addressing the UN general Assembly on the Iraq Nuclear deal “check you fanaticism and enthusiasm at  the door“  I feel this statement resonate well to what we must do and tell our leaders if we have to restore sanity in our continent.

We need to seriously consider our obsession to big man syndrome. We need to urgently check our sycophancy and tribal affiliation and allegiance.

It is time we need to seriously questioning our commitment to making life better for all Africans. For this blind obsession with politics of class ; I feel is sickening. Obsession, that I believe is the reason why most African leaders want to die in power. It is the reason they always want to change the constitution to create chance for them to continue being in power.

The recent adoption of President Kenyatta’s proposal of mass withdrawal of Africa countries from the International Criminal Court is a confirmation of how our African leaders feel -extremely important, and not bound to respect others. This should be our point of divergence from crooked leadership style,

Real leadership entails taking responsibility for your own actions. Going by the attitude depicted by Africa presidents in Addis Ababa, we would be nervous to expect any tangible transformation in our countries if all the men and women who were in the Ethiopian capital are in the driver’s seat.

I am of the opinion, that now than ever, we have to take action, individually and collectively, however small towards emancipating our mind from the oppressors. This way we could be assured of a better tomorrow.

Like the Israelis, when they were taken out of bondage, they affected the art of complaining and whining; their actions denied them a chance to enter Promised Land. Lest we are careful, we would languish in oppression forever. Our continent would always be referred as a dark continent if you and I don’t rise up to the occasion to defend our inheritance.

We have been bestowed with creativity and ingenuity, we have been endowed with emmenc3e talent and abilities to think and act independently. For a long time we have kept silent, our d4eafening silence has given clout to the elites to continue strangling the dream of Africa.

Now is the time that we need to act. Now is the time we need to denounce social evils of political, social and economic exploitation; Now is the time that we need to put into use our God given gifts and talents to denounce and disassociate ourselves from pervasive leadership; Now is the time that we need to stand firm and resist the atrocities meted on the poor by those who seek to gratify their urge of obtaining power.

The only sacrifice that we owe to our children is to try and create a better society for them. The only obligation we have before God and Man ids to defend the weak and voiceless for God says orphans and widows are mine, anyone who hurt them invoke the apple of my eye.

We are created in the image of God, hence we are called to duty to protect Africa from being mutilated by those suffering from conscious deficiency disease; the power hungry creatures and stone-hearted.




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