Please God Don’t Listen to Them

The greatest weapon the oppressor has is the Mind of the oppressed. We have always cried foul of what our leaders are doing to us; we have become ubiquitous complainers. But many would wonder why we are not moving out of that bondage of oppression and exploitation.

Please God don’t listen to them. This sound a ridiculous prayer right? But it is the prayer I am forced to say.

We have remained complacent in our situation, we have become spectators . We are constantly being disrespected, cajoled and intellectually abused by elites and yet we ask God to give us the strength endure through despicable atrocities.

Please God I pray you don’t listen to our prayers; until when we take our position to reject the seductive whims of the oppressor and perpetrators of social Injustice.

I believe the prayer I wish we all say will allow us to discover our place in society. Until then, we would be at pains to discover our place; not the one that the oppressor perceive us to be, but the place of abundance of talent, gifts and abilities within us.

This rejected prayer would cause us to jump out of our comfort zones like a frog would jump out of boiling water.

Out of the rejected prayers our eyes will be opened to see the reality of human suffering. It is out of the rejected prayers that we will stand to call for sanity in the Central Africa Republic and other nations facing myriad of challenges . It is out of the rejected prayers that we will see the sense of condemning those raping young girls in war prone areas, instead of protecting them

I praying  this solemn prayer that like the  Moses’s prayers of not going to Egypt to save the israelites was rejected by God, so should our prayers to be exempted from being engaged  in rebuilding Africa and restoring justice.

Instead, our prayer should to be to ask that we muster enough courage to take it as an obligation to do that little action that will contribute towards restoration of Africa dignity.

This is the prayer that we the people, conscious and rational should pray.  It is the position that we need to take. It is the ground that we need to firmly take.

I know a time is coming when we would realize the only player that would be answered is that of seeking wisdom and courage to stand against oppressive regimes.

I know that time is soon coming when our atavistic nature would force us to stand with those facing difficulties: hunger, civil wars and many other inhumane acts.

I pray too that you take your time to pray a peculiar prayer;a prayer that would help you to participate in building your country.


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