Strength in adversity : Indomitable spirit Of Kenyan soldiers.


Gettysburg’s speech of Abraham Lincoln documented in the history of America civil war suddenly came into my imagination. I believe it will serves us -Kenyans well, especially now that we are engulfed in the darkest moment. A moment that we would  wish it passed away so fast.

Yes, Abraham Lincoln speeches have gone down history books as spectacular,  but this particular one- Gettysburg speech is monumental. That in spite of loss of lives, the President with compassion and oratory managed to drive the people of America into celebrating the actions of gallant soldiers who gave their lives for the sake of restoration of human dignity.

This can be said of our soldiers who have offered to protect us from bloodthirsty creatures, keen to dislodge our peace- Alshabaab. Yes I am proud of our soldiers.

To their families, to their wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers relatives and friends ;know this,the nation is proud of their service and patriotism. May God grant you peace and tranquility In this darkest moment of life.

I remember like it was yesterday how losing one can be traumatizing, I remember that pain.  The pain that  causes torment and suffering that can’t be explained. I know what the relatives of the fallen soldiers  are going through.
Maybe it is the reason I feel when the political class seem  not to be perturbed by this happenings i become so sad.  It makes me feel angry. But there is only little I can do, just praying and asking God to comfort those who have been bereaved.

To the political class, to the commander In chief, it is imperative to think of those who have been affected.  It is critical to send appropriate message to the aggrieved. Let us mind our communication both verbal and non-verbal.
Taking the words of Abraham Lincoln, let us affirm that all people  are equal and deserve to be treated equal.


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