In Solidarity with Our Slain Soldiers

We are a moaning nation, after losing a number of soldiers to the bloodthirsty creatures in Somali land. It pains to imagine that the future of precious lives is shuttered. My condolences to all those who have been affected by this painful incident

Social justice requires that we recognize their sacrifice; social justice requires that we support their families most importantly; Social justice requires that we find ways of avoiding similar instances in future.

Imagining that the most affected are the youths; cause my mind to shutter thinking of the talent we have lost.

I wonder sometimes what motivates one to relish shading blood of innocent people. It is unimaginable to think that one can offer to be a suicide bomber just to die in the process of killing others. This is obnoxious and cantankerous.

None should call the bloodthirsty creatures, religious; none should say they are doing it in the name of Allah, no! That will be ridiculous, laughable and pervasive. Their actions can only be termed what they are – devilish.

My urge to Kenyan community is simple: praying for the victims and their families. To the government, I wish I see and feel more concern from you to the affected. With all due respect to our commander in chief, we should see him promptly show empathy to those victims and bereaved families. Humanity and social justice demand that he suspends all other activities and comforting the nation. But, I am ashamed of what I have seen. I guess it is demeaning to those who have suffered the blunt side of the terrorism. I wish I would have seen a proactive commander in chief receiving his fellow comrades as they landed in caskets. But lol! He was in the coast.

If my mind serves me well; during the atrocious attack in France, every mind in the world paid attention what was happening with world leaders sending condolences to the victims and the bereaved families; with the president immediately declaring several days of moaning. Surprisingly, in Kenya the father of the nation, our symbol of unity has taken his time, he seems not to have been perturbed, given that it took him so long announcing days for the country to moan and honor their heroes.

Just thinking, are those who have been affected lesser important! Is it because they are Africans? This is the question that lingering in my mind. It is painful but if we don’t speak of these small things that portray our insensitivity to those suffering then I can only think of the best word for us- hypocrites. There is no logical reason that it will take us so long to recognize what our obligations are; I fail to comprehend why some information will be hidden from families that have been affected. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that as of now there are families anguishing in anxiety because the government is not in a position to communicate to those affected on time. I term this unwarranted social injustice to the affected families.

Finally I should commend the courage of those who have given their lives to serve the world. To those parents who have given us the soldiers who gave themselves for the sake of peace of the country and met their untimely death In a foreign land while trying to restore justice to the people of Somali land , may your soul rest in peace.




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