All that social justice demand


We are all human beings anxious of what will happen to our lives, our family, our children and our future. With anxiety, we always seek assurance that all will be well at least for those matters and issues we can;if possible that of our death.

My country is now faced with great uncertainty on one issue:EUROBOND CASH. This issue has been covered fairly well by a fairly good number of entities except our government. This situation has caused jitters across the nation as well as the world.

I am anxious,  I want to know whether my government has really wisely utilized the proceeds of the bond.

I believe I am not alone in this confusing state, many, who like me are not financial analysts are seeking simple explanation of the utilization of the funds in question .

However, what I have is scant information from the government, hence need to seek more from other sources.

I wish treasury officials had imagined how critical the existence of clear and simple information on the matter would have been . I wish they understood the damaging influence of foreigners story on their own activities.

According to Chimamanda Adichie during her TED talk: The danger of a single story, she says:if I had not  grown up in Nigeria and if all I knew about Africa were from popular images, I too would think Africa was a place of beautiful landscape, beautiful animals and incomprehensible people fighting senseless wars, dying of poverty and AIDS, unable to speak for themselves and waiting to be saved by a kind foreigner.  This clearly indicates the effects and influence of foreign explanations on your activities.

For sure, treasury cabinet secretary must be aware that this is dangerous especially when what is at stake is humongous amount of money that was borrowed. We needed a clear and simple facts, not complicated financial matrix and explanation that freeze our nerves.

Now the stage is set,  those in the political class have ventured into what they specialize in ;empty rhetoric that helps none, especially a time when they have lost the moral Authority to speak for the people.

Yes, I say again, the current crop of  politicians have lost the mandate of the people.

Kabando wa  Kabando in his article :our robust arms of government will promote accountability, spur growth, capture  in between the lines, “ the path to sycophancy and impunity is easy. It requires neither courage nor innovation, it scorns integrity. This explains the feelings of many.

Because of this, Members of Parliament, should not be entrusted with the responsibility of explaining to Kenyans on the lost or not of the Eurobond. Few will take them for their word.

However, In search of the explanation to this question of Eurobond, I get an elaborate explanation by Economist David Ndii , Eurobond billions: The anatomy of a grand heist. Yes I need something I can read as a communication student not  finance student. In this lies the tragedy and failure of Kenyan treasury.

They have failed to give a simple and clear explanation to what they have done with the borrowed cash.

Listening to the the explanation by the cabinet Secretary during his address to the nation, I am not able to comprehend the complicated financial reporting . On the other hand, when I read international news, the headlines shouts of the Injustice which have been committed by the government of Kenya to her people by misappropriation of Eurobond.

When you have nothing but empty words from the main actors – Kenya Treasury , then it becomes difficult to believe those  in similar boat.

That is why we should join our hands to call for social justice from all citizen with leadership responsibilities.

It is true, social justice requires that those entrusted with leadership responsibility of a country ensure citizens get value for their money, either from internal or external sources.  When they abdicate this then they are no longer fit for office.

social justice requires that our children get good and quality education.  It is paradoxical when this education is made extremely expensive by taxing reading books, then the spirit of free education hit a dead rock and this means that the government fails, not only the present generation but also its progeny . It is extremely unjust when people die in hospitals because those charged with responsibility to ensure proper policies are  formulated abdicate that and sing to the tune of cartels and barons that exploit the poor.

Social justice demands that Member of Parliament make laws that protect electrote from exploitation and create a level playing field to boost innovation and conducive environment . But, when they get compromised and throw in their voice and mind to the whims of the executives, then they become not only immoral but also devilish.

I guess I can say little of the Kenya August house, they are a big let down in this country. They abandoned the country’s interest long time ago, and went out to enrich themselves.

They have done what Kabando wa Kabando in his article says they shouldn’t do in: dumping the Constitutional gauntlet as representative of the people’s will and sovereignty.

It is true that when the facts and truth is not shared by the Doer of the activity, anyone’s else explanation no matter how pervasive and incorrect it may be, will make sense to any third party. In the  case of my country Eurobond issues we will believe the information we get from other parties because those given that responsibility chose not to clearly explain their side of the story with clarity. However this has its own consequences.

Nevertheless, in the end finally we will need to see justice done, If as it is allegedly said they stole our Eurobond. The thieves should face the wrath both from God and man.


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